Alliance Tool Hire | Tips for choosing the right heater this winter

Alliance Tool Hire | Tips for choosing the right heater this winter

As we approach the colder months, thoughts move to keeping warm and not letting the winter chills interfere with the work we have to do. 

That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re set up with the right heating equipment. There are some key factors to consider, so we’ve done a roundup of the most common heaters to help you decide which is the best fit for you. 

The amount of ventilation in your space will determine the best and safest type of heater to choose. Direct space heaters are ideal if you’re working in an area that’s well ventilated – for example, on construction sites, in warehouses, or in factories. Compact, robust, and fully portable, these are the most efficient types of heater and provide large amounts of warm air, which is ideal if you need to heat up a space quickly. However, you’ll need access to high levels of natural ventilation due to the concentration of strong heat they emit.

The Large space heater is an excellent option depending on whether you want a gas or diesel heater.

Number of people in space
Consider who or what you’re trying to heat – people, or a space. Infrared electric heaters are most useful if you’re trying to heat people, because they use infrared radiation which our bodies absorb. The Swivel Head Quartz Heater is highly efficient and provides large quantities of instant heat. It’s a good option on a bigger site where it might feel colder for people working in more open, exposed spaces. 

You might also want to consider a Fan Heater which produces instant heat when you need it most. It’s slightly more expensive to run but it’s small, portable and fume-free, so it’s a good option to use in a smaller space with people inside.

Any flammable materials
If you’re working in a space which contains flammable materials or where there are lots of people around, consider a heater with no visible flame. Indirect fired heaters are great for this reason –  they deliver huge volumes of clean, dry, fume-free heat, both safely and economically. They’re also sophisticated, reliable, highly efficient, and ideal for places with limited ventilation.  

The Catalytic Cabinet Gas Heater is a stylish, butane powered mobile heater that you can use almost anywhere, with no flame. Likewise another great option is the Indirect Jet Heater which is flame-free, and ideal if you have limited ventilation.

Access to power
If you’ve got limited access to electricity, or none at all, then a Propane Gas Bin Heater provides the ideal solution. It works solely from an LPG cylinder and requires no electricity to run.  Safety features include a thermal flame detector, an anti-tilt switch (which is designed to switch the gas supply off if the unit is knocked over) and a piezo ignitor.

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