Alliance Tool Hire | Top tips to improve visibility and stay safe on site

Alliance Tool Hire | Top tips to improve visibility and stay safe on site

The clocks have gone back, the sign of darker nights to come and less daylight hours. Although dusk will creep in even earlier, lots of people will remain on site to work, which is why it’s important to make sure you have the correct set up for your team.

There’s generally more to think about in terms of construction and site workers’ safety at this time of year. Site visibility being one, along with the cold and more severe weather conditions to consider. That’s where Alliance Tool Hire can help.

Over the coming months we’ll be offering tips, advice and recommendations on the best tools and equipment to support you through winter. This month, we talk about lighting and low-visibility on site, what to consider, and how best to keep you and your workers safe.

Maximise energy efficiency
LED lighting is becoming a popular choice for those in the trade. It’s more efficient to run which makes it a great option for keeping costs down through winter, so it will save you money over time. It’s also sustainable – LED lights can reduce carbon emissions by up to 85%. The bulbs tend to be brighter too. At Alliance we are converting our full lighting range to LED for this reason.

Use cordless or rechargeable devices to minimise hazards
Cables and wires are all a major trip hazard for busy workers on site, particularly when there’s less visibility. Consider a cordless or rechargeable device to minimise the risks.

The small footprint base of the Eco Uplight 110v means there’s no wide tripod to trip over. This is probably one of the most practical ways to eliminate unnecessary hazards on site when it’s dark.

A benefit to battery-powered devices is that you’re not just limited to spaces with a socket. With an overnight charge, lots of tools can last an entire day. The Beacon Rechargeable LED Light contains three light settings so you can select the intensity you require based on the amount of charge time you need.

Opt for waterproof durable kit
Winter also brings rain and snow, so you need lighting equipment that can withstand the more severe weather conditions. Patented, tough, and user friendly, the Rechargeable LED Work Light is a fully self-contained waterproof unit, suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including safe working in hazardous areas. It can also withstand rain, dust and even tools like hammers hitting the side or the lightface.  

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