Excavators | CASE E-Series

Excavators | CASE E-Series

The E-Series is the latest instalment in one of the plant sector’s most enduring stories.

This year CASE Construction Equipment celebrates an extraordinary 180 years as a machinery manufacturer, but in that long history it can have witnessed few epochs quite like our own. The decisions we make today on regulations, technologies and emerging trends will determine the direction of travel for the next century or more, and it these challenges that is driving competition and improvements in every aspect of plant. Customer expectations are, as a consequence, higher than ever and that’s why the E-Series, with its focus on efficiency, economy and user experience, has been introduced.  

“Over the last few years we’ve been working with our engineers to really understand our customer needs and support product development,” explains Egidio Galano, Product Management Director at the E-Series launch event, who adds that the end user “will only ever be satisfied if our products meet their needs and improve their business operations and, ever since we started the development of the E-Series, customers have been at the centre of the project.”

The E-Series range includes seven new models, in the 13 – 30 tonne class, and everything about these excavators has been designed around the people who will be using them. The Case Intelligent Hydraulic System (CIHS) is now integrated with four new work modes, for instance. Super Power (SP) mode delivers maximum productivity, (P) Power mode provides a surge of power when needed and, when set to Lifting, object handling is optimised. Moreover, when paired with the new FPT Industrial (FPT) Stage V engine, Eco (E) mode can deliver fuel savings of up to 17 per cent. In addition, customisable hydraulic settings – where the operator can adjust the flow priority according to boom, dipper and slew movements – all contribute to considerable advances in precision and efficiency.

Safety, visibility and comfort have not been neglected either, with more space and redesigned features. A thoughtful FOPS protected cab layout includes a new joystick set-up that’s designed to increase operator comfort, even over prolonged periods of use, with automatic air conditioning ensuring optimal climate control, and a 10in. LCD monitor.

In the crawler excavator sector robustness in non-negotiable and this is reflected in a newly configured undercarriage. The upper rollers have been strengthened with the addition of four bolts, where previously there were two, and an access point allows dirt to fall through without contaminating the grease point. The rollers at the bottom have also seen improvements, and the result is less vibration for the operator when tracking the machine. Not only that but the drive motors have been enlarged, which delivers more power to an operator when turning.

The EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation) free Stage V FPT engine is equally packed with efficiency gains. Within the E-Series stable, machines from 13-18tonnes are powered by a 4.5-litre engine, and up to 30 tonnes there’s a 6.7-litre unit, each with improved power and torque. Capable of running on either regular diesel or the increasingly popular HVO (Hydro-treated Vegetable Oil), greater efficiency during combustion allows for fuels savings of between 12-17 per cent. Furthermore, the patented FPT after-treatment solution – HI-eSCR2 – is completely maintenance free, with no requirement for mechanical cleaning or replacement.

Continuing the theme of maximum uptime, extended maintenance system bushings are designed for 1,000-hour greasing intervals on all arm and boom pins. Compared to the previous series, maintenance intervals have been doubled on engine oil, filters and fuel filters and a more compact design of the undercarriage greasing cylinder improves access, and aids cleaning.

All that is backed up by a full range of Case Service Solutions, each designed to support customers during the entire machine lifespan and avoid unexpected costs. “Case Care is a detailed planned maintenance programme dedicated to maximising uptime and includes regular inspections, strategic replacement of parts, technical expertise from the manufacturer, backed up by trained technicians from the dealer network,” reveals Peter Garry, Director, Aftermarket Solutions Europe, who has helped developed the services offered with the new E-Series. “The standard planned maintenance programmes are available for up to six years or 10,000 hours. Case Protect and Case Fluid Analysis offer further piece of mind, with an extended warranty programme and fluid analysis schedule, that goes beyond that standard.”

Customers are also now demanding connectivity and here SiteConnect and SiteWatch deliver. Again, available as standard, the former allows machines to be constantly monitored by a Case dealer who can run remote diagnostics and analytics prior to, or instead of, physical attendance, whilst alerts will also inform the dealer of specific issues, who can then proactively intervene. In order to access the service all that operators or fleet managers need to do is scan the QR code located in the cab, and download the Site Manager App, which will allow a connection to be established between the excavator and dealer.

Case SiteWatch provides a wealth of useful information about both the machine and driver performance via an easily accessible portal. Real-time data includes geolocation, enhanced security through geofencing, and user alerts, as well as fuel consumption, machine hours, and idle time. Customers can then identify key trends in utilisation and implement any necessary changes, taking advantage of potential cost reductions in the process.

Feedback from operators who have already been privileged to have occupied an E-Series driver seat has included praise for the 360º camera, and the easy to use and clear in cab display. The improved engine performance means tasks can be undertaken at lower revs with reduced noise, whilst the new models have equally been described as flexible and precise.

The seven new E-Series models will be designated as the CX130E, CX160E, CX180E, CX210E, CX240E, CX250E, CX300E.

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