Highways & Infrastructure | At the wheel

Highways & Infrastructure | At the wheel

A new wheeled mini-excavator from Doosan is the perfect partner for highways and infrastructure work

With rapid depolyment between jobsites, versatility in lifting and excavating, and the maneouvreability to navigate tight spaces, wheeled excavators are the driving force on many projects, and Doosan has the range to steer build schedules in the right direction. Powered by a 42.5 kW (57 HP) D24 Stage V engine, the latest addition is ideal for finishing work on new surfaces, whether in new housing developments between properties or on grass verges at the side of roads.

Equipped as standard in the single tyre configuration, the operating weight of the machine when equipped with a 0.175m3 bucket is 5.88 tonne, with a dual tyre configuration available as an option. The DX57W-7 offers two travel speed ranges, with a maximum travel speed of 30 km/h, which makes for efficient transport on the road between different workplaces. Indeed, with no need for a trailer or a vehicle to tow it, the DX57W-7 can negotiate narrow streets and other city centre spaces, where a truck and trailor cannot access.

This is an excavator that can reach the parts that others can’t but it’s equally a multi tasker, with a stability and lifting ability that is adept at either trenching and groundwork jobs, or materials handling tasks, such as truck loading and moving pipes. When undertaking those lifting tasks, operators have the reassuranace of an overload warning device at their disposal as well as safety valves in the boom and dozer blade hydraulic systems.

The undercarriage benefits from the durability of a rigid, welded frame with the routing of hydraulic lines, protection for the transmission and heavy duty axles all making it ideal for wheeled excavator applications.

The latest addition also benefits from DoosanCONNECT, a telematics management system that utilises sensors to collect insightful data on the machine. 

Operators welfare is enhanced with the addition of a stereo system integrated in the gauge panel (with a Bluetooth streaming function), together with a USB charger in the cab. There’s the option of a new all round 360o view camera array, and ultrasonic detection of obstacles.  

In addition, the steering wheel can be positioned to suit the driver, the position and angle of the seat cushion, as well as the position of the consoles, can be adjusted independently of each other and additional comfort is provided by an adjustable seat back and lumbar support. As well as that, a seat heater, cab light, sun visor and side mirror are all standard equipment.

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