Manitou 200 ATJ e Oxygen | Electric avenue

Manitou 200 ATJ e Oxygen | Electric avenue

The Manitou 200 ATJ e Oxygen delivers all the performance you would expect from a Manitou but in a 100 per cent electric platform.

The access platform remains the safest and most efficient way of working at height, and has the versatility to work in a wide range of applications, from office buildings to constructions sites, airports, and many more. However, in recent years, due to highly populated and polluted areas such as London, the demand has increased for emission reducing products.

Integrating seamlessly into the new “Oxygen” label, the ATJ 200 E Oxygen platform is Manitou’s first 100 per cent electric all-terrain access model. With a working height of up to 20m for a maximum capacity of 230kg, this model provides the same performance as its diesel counterpart whilst reducing total cost of ownership for the user.

François Desbrière, head of platform development at Manitou, describes this innovation: “This model responds to strong demand from rental companies, and more generally from various constructors. With the 200 ATJ e Oxygen, we offer a versatile machine with very good autonomy. The electric motor provides flexibility when traveling, optimising operator safety”.

Equipped with a 48-volt battery, the machine can achieve up to one full day of work, without charge, even in adverse weather conditions. The low-voltage battery is a key feature, which ensures technicians can service the unit without the need for specific certification. With a weight of 7,200kg, and a length of 6m, it is also easily transported. Another motor located inside the turret drives a pump that provides hydraulic flow for all the platform movements. The reduction in total cost of ownership for the user is estimated at 20 per cent compared to a diesel-powered equivalent (fuel cost included).

The idea was to keep the DNA of Manitou, heavy duty axles and front axle with limited slip. This allows the user to always have a full traction in the two front wheels. Offering good protection of the axles with immersed brake; 4-wheel drive and 2-wheels steer. The oscillating axle at the front of the machine, and the manual locking of differential on the rear axle, allows the weight to be distributed equally to each of the two driving axles and improves traction on slippery surfaces. In addition, a key new feature is the ability to climb slopes of up to 45°.

By offering a 100 per cent electric AWP, Manitou believes it is meeting customers’ expectations with products that retain the same capacities as diesel versions but satisfy the needs of urban environmental regulations. This 200 ATJ E has been designed to reduce the user’s total cost of ownership (TCO) and is fully integrated into Manitou’s committed CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) approach. The 200 ATJ E is dedicated to construction sites, industries, ports, and airports. Thanks to its non-marking tyres and its electric drive, users will be able to work inside, outside or in a city centre, without any restrictions.

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