Miller GTS Couplers | Compact king

Miller GTS Couplers | Compact king

The Miller GTS compact quick coupler series is set to offer an unprecedented level of convenience to the mini excavator sector

Here at Miller, we’ve seen the growing trend in consumer acceptance of hydraulic quick couplers, and we know of a number of mini excavator owners who are seeing the benefits of converting their fleets from manual to hydraulic systems. 

Thanks to their lower initial investment costs, fewer internal components, and generally lighter overall weight, the compact coupler market has historically been dominated by manual couplers. While investment in fully hydraulic quick coupler technology is sometimes seen as a cost burden, in reality more and more owners are seeing it as having significant cost and productivity advantages over a manual coupler.

As the home of quick coupler expertise, we strongly believe that coupler technology has a key role to play in improving the operator experience, making on-site operations safer, more convenient and capable of withstanding the most challenging working environments. That’s why Miller has introduced its new GTS compact quick coupler series, which is set to bring innovation to the mini excavator industry like never before. 

The brand-new GTS series range is the lowest, lightest and safest fully hydraulic twin-locking ISO13031 quick coupler on the marketplace, offering 1 – 6 tonne excavators a wide range of pick-ups for any attachment within the same class, all from the comfort and security of the cab.

Easy to operate, and far lighter and stronger than any other quick coupler, this attachment optimises your machines’ performance. The Miller GT Series has been designed from the inside out. It’s an excavator tool built to remove hindrances, so you can do your greatest work.

Barry Robison Director of Product Management commented: “In today’s climate, we understand that reducing costs and improving efficiency are key to ensuring profitability. More than ever the performance of the compact excavator is essential to the day-to-day productivity of job sites and that there is increasing economic pressures on the operator to get more done in a day. 

“For example, when operating with a manual coupler you either need an additional ground worker to carry out the physical attachment changeover or, if in the cases when you are working alone, the excavator operator is required to physically leave the cab of the machine and use manual force to position the pin into place, causing the change out process to take longer. In comparison, by decreasing the time it takes to change attachments to just seconds, making the switch to the Miller GTS compact quick coupler can be transformational.”

“A compact quick coupler is an investment that adds convenience and flexibility to your compact excavator in just about every application,” continues Barry. “Purchasing a coupler can save valuable time on site by using its universal OEM variable pin pick up to allow you to switch between a bucket, ripper, rake, mechanical grabs, etc… and as such can be transformational for decreasing the time it takes to tackle a job that requires different attachments.”

“In some case we have had customers saving over an hour a day from faster changeovers and reduced double digging due to the increased versatility on offer. If you want to increase productivity of your compact machine, a Miller GTS compact quick coupler is a must-have piece of equipment at a cost you can afford.”

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