What is the difference between Care Track and ACTIVE CARE?

What is the difference between Care Track and ACTIVE CARE?

Volvo CE now offers two ways to track machines’ health and performance – Care Track and ACTIVE CARE. But what is the difference between these services and which one is the right choice for your business?

Volvo CareTrack is the telematics system that collects machine information, alerts the customer with alarm codes and provides an online portal for customers to dig deeper into fleet data.

Volvo CE now also offers ACTIVE CARE, a 24/7/365 machine monitoring and weekly fleet utilisation reporting service that relies on CareTrack data. In other words, customers can’t benefit from ACTIVE CARE without CareTrack.

“The big difference is that with ACTIVE CARE staff at the Volvo Uptime Center manage the data on behalf of the customer, providing remote diagnosis and catching problems before they occur. This makes it easier for the customer to benefit from the insights the data gives,” explains Aram Ibrahim, product support director EMEA.

Machine monitoring and case management
With CareTrack the customer is alerted every time a machine fault code goes off – no matter how critical or not – and it is up to them to contact the dealer with the alarm details and monitor progress.

ACTIVE CARE takes the burden of monitoring and initial diagnosis off the customer, who is only notified when a specific action is necessary. Volvo’s propriety case management system interprets fault codes for probable causes, recommended solutions and the consequences of not taking action. Each case is tracked on behalf of the customer from the time the alarm is registered to its resolution and the dealer is kept informed every step of the way.

“From the customer’s perspective, issues are resolved proactively and seamlessly with the dealer before they even have the chance to develop into serious problems – and uptime is maintained,” Ibrahim says.

Fleet reporting
With CareTrack the customer must log in to the online portal to manually retrieve fleet data and generate reports. They can do this as frequently or infrequently as they like.

For ACTIVE CARE subscribers, Volvo automatically generates weekly fleet reports with easy-to-understand summaries as well as individual machine statistics on utilisation or instances of misuse. This enables fleet managers to make decisions that improve productivity and reduce costs.

So which service is right for me?
“Telematics can lead to increased efficiency and profitability for fleets – and you can fully realise this opportunity if you connect to the ACTIVE CARE service. Choosing between these services offered by Volvo is really more about choosing how much time a manager wants to commit to reading the data and if they have the resources to catch problems before they cause downtime,” Ibrahim concludes.

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