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Worsley Plant | The Rotar Club

Grab the latest solutions for industrial demolition and recycling applications from Worsley Plant.

Environmental concerns, legislation and advanced waste collection solutions are all driving continued growth in the recycling sector. Given the intense use that machinery and equipment can be subjected to in this sector, however, operators demand the most reliable, service friendly and robust tools available. The same applies in demolition, of course, and Worsley Plant offers a range of Rotar Grabs to hire or buy that provide just that, with a complementary selection of used stock. Not only that, but the product portfolio has also seen significant recent enhancements, focusing on a more compact, ergonomic design, longer product life, and less replacement parts.

Available for machines from 2 – 60 tonnes, the RG series has a number of unique features. There’s a strong rotating upper head, for example, and a heavy-duty double rowed slewing ring. The hydraulic motors in the upper head generate a high torque, suited for heavy loading in any position, and the hydraulic cylinders of every Rotar Grab are fitted with a load control valve, which protects against unexpected opening of the shells. Additionally, the cylinder has an extra-long stroke, to close the shells even when the edges are worn out.

The RG Series wear-resistant shells are made of HARDOX steel and equipped with easily replaceable and rotatable cutting edges. The shells are mounted within the long bearing pivot points of the double-walled construction body with hardened, oversized pins. This design lowers the overall tension in the construction, thereby extending durability.

Recent Updates
Following extensive customer feedback on the existing grabs, the range has seen new additions, with the RG 30, 40 and 50 – replacing the RG 28, 37 and 48. These are for 20 to 50 ton machines – the most popular segment of the market.

The latest introductions benefit from a brand new linkage design, and the addition of twin motors. When you’re removing roofs from houses, or in any other application that requires additional force, those twin motors will be particularly welcome.

In addition, by removing the box design in the shells, there is improved loading, increased handling volume, less resistance and a smooth loading approach when grabbing materials

This gives the user a number of benefits:

  • Reduced components – less spares and wear parts
  • Less risk of damage
  • More compact design
  • Harder working tool
  • Streamlined to make it ideal for demolition and construction jobs
  • Easier pick up of demolition materials
  • Time and money savings on job site through quicker recycling times

In addition, Rotar has designed a new method of installing the cutting edges, giving less resistance handling when grabbing materials. Taken from the idea of a tuning fork the new linkage is equally described by the manfuactuerer as unique to the market. It is manufactured as a casting, producing an inherently sturdier shape, less spare parts, and centralising all the forces and strength.

The new range of Grabs has been developed in collaboration with existing customers, ranging from operators to site managers. As a result, the Rotar design team has fine-tuned the Grabs to make them more efficient and safer to use – less wear parts, more capacity than the existing grabs, saving time and money on job sites and, therefore, more environmentally friendly.

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