365 Concrete Mix It Up With Remu

365 Concrete Mix It Up With Remu

365 Concrete has just taken delivery of a brand new REMU 3160 Screening Bucket for its Volvo Loading Shovel

365 is a Concrete Supply company based in Shepperton, Surrey who operate Volumetric Batching Plants. This means that all the raw ingredients are put into its trucks and the concrete is actually made on site. It can be mixed and adjusted to suit the customer’s specifications and quantities, thereby cutting down on waste products. This allows customers total flexibility in that they can have what they want in any mix design and quantity.

At its Shepperton site, 365 Concrete loads its trucks with the ingredients ready to go out to the customer site. As part of its green focus, the company started buying recycled raw products in to use in this process. 70 per cent of these are now recycled further on site to the correct consistency to make the concrete mix as perfect as possible. The company is keen to enhance business and allow the construction industry to join the recycling regime.

In order to process these recycled products to meet its customer’s requirements,  various screeners and a static crusher were trialled. However, it was ultimately decided that a screening bucket was required as the other kit took up lots of room and resource.

Reg Gorman, the Owner of 365 Concrete commented: ‘When we found out we could get a Screening Bucket for our loading shovel it was the ideal solution for us. Our loading shovel isn’t used fully every day so it was a great fit for multi use of our equipment and made sound economical sense. ”

Reg looked online to see what options they had. Brian Carroll, General Manger Southern for Worsley Plant suggested the REMU 3160 Screening Bucket to them and immediately arranged a trial for 3 days for 365 Concrete.

“We decided the bucket was the solution for us in the first hour of the trial – it was immediately obvious that it was ideal for our operation!! Call it a eureka moment!”

Now since taking delivery of the bucket, their recycled product, which is bought into the yard – typically aggregate and concrete, can be screened to suit their requirements. They can make it into what they want and have full control.

365 Concrete are already certain that they will save 40% of bought in product costs with the screener, which will be a big boost to the business.

Loading the new Screening Bucket is easy. They use a quick hitch and have just 3 pipes to change so can easily alternate between their loading bucket and the screening bucket whenever they need. This allows them to keep the loading shovel fully employed and the driver fully employed.

Reg adds: “Now its tried and tested following the trial I will recommend the REMU screening bucket to anyone. It’s the ideal solution for our needs. The service levels we have achieved from Worsley Plant have been outstanding – very prompt with good delivery times and a seamless installation process.”

Some of the concrete product is oversized so they may want to crush this down to a size they can screen. This gives a future option of a crushing bucket, which they will be considering.

For further information on the Remu range of equipment from Worsley Plant click here

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