Crane hire company expands its Tadano fleet

Crane hire company expands its Tadano fleet

Crowland Cranes Ltd have recently taken delivery of a Tadano ATF 220G-5 all terrain crane.

This is the third Tadano ATF 220 Crowland Cranes have ordered in the last 10 years, taking their fleet of Tadano cranes to 12. Director Peter Issitt explained why he chose Tadano cranes: “Tadano all terrain cranes are characterized by their extraordinary quality & reliability, the product meets our customer needs and expectations perfectly, enabling Crowland Cranes to support our clients throughout the East of England.”

The five-axle machine which is designed with 16.5t axle loads for the UK market, and with a 68 meter main boom and lifting capacities of up to 220t, is one of the most versatile cranes on the market. The Tadano ATF 220G-5 also makes a compelling case in terms of profitability: due to its proven two-engine design. The crane also has the intelligent AML-F crane control system, which monitors the asymmetrical outrigger base so that the maximum available lifting capacity can always be used at any slewing angle. in terms of safety, the lift & release adjuster is a valuable addition, as it keeps the radius constant when the load is lifted and set down, preventing the load from swinging as a result. All these characteristics ensure that the ATF 220G-5 can tackle a wide range of applications, increasing both its capacity utilization and its cost-effectiveness.

Grant Currivan from Tadano UK Ltd. said “Crowland Cranes are one of the fastest growing crane service providers in the UK, with many services offered including the crane hire business.  We thank Peter and his team for this important order, their continued support and trust in the Tadano product, and we are sure that this new crane will complement their already wide range of products.”.

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