Double first for ABA Crane Hire with new Liebherr tower crane

Double first for ABA Crane Hire with new Liebherr tower crane

UK rental company ABA Crane Hire is the largest privately owned crane hire company in the Midlands. The company operates a fleet of modern cranes including city cranes, mobile cranes and all-terrain cranes with capacities of 160 tonnes and above.

ABA Crane Hire has a number of Liebherr cranes in its fleet but has just purchased its first new crane from Liebherr: an MK 88 Plus mobile construction crane, the company’s first tower crane. This four-axle tower crane has flexible jib settings and impressive hook heights with its horizontal jib providing a large outreach. Even in areas with restricted height clearance, the MK 88 can be used with full outreach and set up with a reduced tower height.

The Plus package gives even higher load capacity with a horizontal jib. Load capacity can be increased at the touch of a button by reducing speeds, meaning a maximum lift capacity of 2200 kgs at 45 m radius. The crane also has the facility to be used in three raised trolley modes of 15o, 30 o and 45 o offering a maximum hook height of 59.1 m.

The MK 88’s taxi crane concept means it is highly mobile and can carry out several jobs in one day with a single operator able to transport, erect and operate the crane. And thanks to its quiet, low emission electrical drive units, the crane is ideally suited to night-time operations in inner-city locations. Rear axle steering ensures that the MK 88 is highly manoeuvrable and a turning radius of only 11.88 m means it needs less room to manoeuvre than a conventional mid-range vehicle. ABA plant is also looking forward to taking delivery of a new LTM 1110-5.1 mobile crane in 2020.

Adrian Baggott from ABA Crane Hire said: ‘We are delighted to welcome our first Liebherr tower crane into our expanding fleet. With this being our first tower it means that we are able to add another dimension to our customer supply chain. We look forward to building on our successful business relationship with Liebherr.’

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