GAP Hire Solutions go for more Trime X-ECO LED Lighting Towers

GAP Hire Solutions go for more Trime X-ECO LED Lighting Towers

GAP Hire Solutions has extended their hire fleet of site lighting towers following the purchase in excess of a further two hundred X-ECO LED sets from Trime UK Limited.

The order was finalised at the recent Executive Hire Show Road Show, held in Glasgow.

GAP Hire Solutions are well known within the industry for their positive attitude towards the impact that their services and equipment have on the environment. Their Green Action Plan sets out the steps they are taking to reduce their carbon footprint and the support they provide to their customers to help them progress their own sustainable qualities.

In support of this action plan, GAP has committed to increasing their fleet of X-ECO LED lights, citing the low fuel and carbon emission properties that the X-ECO LED features.

GAP’s Green Action Plan document states, “The X-ECO LED from Trime is the most innovative lighting product on the market. Thanks to its LED lamps and automated start/ stop technology, the X-ECO LED uses less than a third of the fuel required to run a standard lighting tower, producing 888kg less CO2 per month as a result”.

GAP Hire Solutions believe that they now have the largest hire fleet of Trime X-ECO LED lights in the UK.

Commenting on this latest order, Ken Stewart, GAP’s Head of Procurement added, “With fuel prices at a premium the cost savings that the X-ECO LED offers, makes these sets very popular with our customers. Their popularity and low running costs helped to make the decision to invest further in the X-ECO LED an easy one”

“We now have a hire fleet in excess of 2000 units offering various models with the X-ECO LED now being the largest single holding. We continue to enjoy a long standing and successful relationship with Trime and their support and service is second to none. The first deliveries of this new order have been received at our depots and immediately went out on hire.”

Trime have estimated that a hirer of the X-ECO LED can save as much as 72% in fuel costs, with a corresponding carbon emission reduction.

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