Powered Access Services receives UK’s first Genie GSTM-5390 scissor lifts with Stage V engine solution

Powered Access Services receives UK’s first Genie GSTM-5390 scissor lifts with Stage V engine solution

Ahead of the CE deadline for compliancy with the new Stage V engine emissions regulations that come into effect in January 2022, Powered Access Services (PAS), a well-established UK rental company with two strategically located depots in the Midlands and the South of England, has just received delivery of five new Stage V engine Genie GSTM-5390 rough terrain scissor lifts — the first in the country. In the highly competitive UK powered access market, for PAS, this delivery represents a strong benefit for customers and the company’s long-term business success.

Genie Stage V engine solution with easy-to-use new “smart regeneration” technology

Genie GS rough terrain scissor lifts are equipped with turbocharged, 3-cylinder, water-cooled 2.2 L Stage V diesel engines. Exclusive to the Genie Stage V engine solution, these engines feature innovative, “operator-friendly” technology that safeguards the engine and its components, as well as simplifying maintenance tasks, without any compromise to the machine’s power, performance or productivity. These engines are also designed to run quieter, reducing real total engine noise output and presenting a smoother engine tone.

In addition to the required features of all Stage V engines, the Genie Stage V engine solution also utilises proprietary, easy-to-use new ”smart regeneration” technology that proactively monitors the progression of soot build-up in the engine’s DPF. Only available with the Genie Stage V engine solution, this innovative technology is designed to alert operators that regeneration is needed — well in advance of the engine requiring it. This feature gives Genie equipment owners and operators the peace of mind of knowing that they do not have to worry about how to manage the regeneration process on Stage V engines — Genie has made it so that the machine does it for them.

An all-time favourite, plus the latest Genie technologies for even higher return on investment

Mark Cadman, Managing Director, PAS, says: “The reliability, functions and platform size of the Genie GS-5390 rough terrain scissor lift have made it a popular, time-proven choice among our customers. For our business, return on investment is a key factor, and in this respect, this robust machine has never let us down, leading us to reinvest in these five new Stage V engine models.”

He continues: “With the delivery of the new Stage V engine models, we are gearing up to support our customers with a product that they love, combined with the advantages of the reduced emissions operation they need, notably in the London area where regulations are already particularly strict. Thanks to their innovative Stage V engine solution, as well as the advantages of the Genie Lift ConnectTM telematics system in increasing the efficiency of the way we manage our fleet, we are confident that our new Genie GS-5390 scissor lifts will continue to give our customers full satisfaction, at the same time as supporting the success of our business from day one and for many years ahead.”

Like all new Genie machines, the Genie GS-5390 scissor lift features the Genie Lift Connect telematics system. According to Mr. Cadman: “In addition to offering the peace of mind of knowing where the machine is at any one time, Genie Lift Connect also helps save time and costs traveling to inspect and diagnose issues onsite. In addition to increasing our customers’ experience and productivity, it will also enable us to gather data to measure performance. In turn, this will lead us to understand the cost of ownership factor in even more detail, which will help make better-informed decisions going forward on our new capital purchases, the means needed to support the machines’ life span and increase uptime. We trust Genie for delivering quality and reliability, which allows our company to keep purchasing its products with confidence to adapt to the needs of the fast-evolving world we live in.”

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