CanTrack: Success Story

CanTrack: Success Story

A double recovery in under 2 hours with the help of ‘The Traffic Cops’.

CanTrack’s investigations team and North Yorkshire Police’s Road Crime Group scored a double on Sunday (23/10/16) when a stolen van was stopped on the A1 with a stolen Bomag roller in the back!

This was no random occurrence, rather it was a well-executed plan with ‘inside intelligence’ courtesy of the CanTrack Asset hidden deep within the Bomag.

The police were alerted of the theft of the Bomag tandem roller from a site adjacent to the A1 in the Catterick area of North Yorkshire at around 12 noon on Sunday.

2016-10-25Fortunately, the Asset unit in the Bomag had reported its location earlier that morning when it was still safely on site.

Switching on the tracker’s location reporting mode soon established that the Bomag was moving more quickly than it is capable of down the A1 in a southerly direction!

With CanTrack’s investigator reporting location updates to NYP Road Crime Group’s control room it was only a matter of time before the net closed and the stolen van was stopped by undercover police cars near Aberford, close to the A1/M1 junction.

The stolen Bomag was recovered within a couple of hours of going missing, proving once again that the tough but compact CanTrack Asset is worth having on your side.

North Yorkshire Police’s Road Crime Group is well known to the public as they regularly feature on TV’s Traffic Cops programme.

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