Construction Downtime Index Showing Improvement in Every Region

Construction Downtime Index Showing Improvement in Every Region

Trackunit’s Downtime Index demonstrated positive growth in machine utilisation between weeks 18-19.

The Downtime Index – is a publicly available online site that tracks construction industry machine utilisation on a weekly basis to provide actionable insights on the health of the sector.

Using telematics, the data is gathered from OHV (off-highway vehicles) machines during use and analysed data generates the context and specific tips for senior executives to help work within the current crisis. The site allows users to drill into the machine activity metric for each week to see how many machines have been working since the beginning of this year compared to last year.  Major economies including the USA, Germany, France and UK are amongst the 22 countries currently tracked.

Overall, almost 8.5% more machines were started and worked in week 19 compared to week 18. This represents an increase in the machine activity metric from 51% in week 18 to 55% in week 19, meaning that more machines are working, and are working longer hours.

Most notable is the improvement in machine utilisation rates in Southern Europe (France, Italy and Spain), which rose by 25% last week, the largest regional increase. This was primarily driven by strong growth in Spain and Italy which are now at indexes of 107 and 83, respectively. In sharp contrast, machines in France remain at 50% of the expected utilisation.

Despite the improvement, Southern Europe remains the worst impacted region, with the indexes for the rest of Europe all significantly higher.

The index for Western Europe, which includes Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Austria, saw a big week-on-week improvement and is now over 90.

Eastern Europe (Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Czech Republic) and Northern Europe (including the Nordic and Baltic countries as well as the UK and Ireland) also saw significant improvements and are now reporting higher index values than the base rate of 100 in January.

The Downtime Index is the first publicly available resource providing this level of data and weekly analysis. It demonstrates how the construction industry can leverage data generated every day by OHV and other digitally connected equipment. Collaborative data collection and analysis provides the platform to help the industry become more customer-focused, whilst reducing downtime and increasing productivity and efficiency.

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