CPCS pilots new ‘Provisional Card’ to support skills shortage in the piling sector

CPCS pilots new ‘Provisional Card’ to support skills shortage in the piling sector

Skills shortages in the piling sector could affect the UKs infrastructure project pipeline over the coming decades.  There are several factors affecting skills shortages in piling, one of the key causes is the lack of skilled workers, with fewer people entering the sector.  The construction industry notoriously a has a workforce with almost a quarter of the workers aged 50 and over.  Piling is no different, and encouraging new entrants is vital for the future.

The piling sector also has the added problem that much of the required training is not suited to the traditional training centre route utilised for other plant machinery training due to the high cost and environmental impacts associated with installing piles that cannot be removed.

To help encourage new entrants and reduce the environmental impact of training, CPCS and the Federation of Piling Specialists (FPS) are launching a new pilot card, the new Yellow Provisional Card for Piling.  The card will be free of charge, applicants will require the following:

Route of Entry

To obtain one of these cards, the individual must complete the following:

  • HS&E Operatives Test
  • Level 1 Award in Simulation (Simulated Piling Rig, Min 70 Hours)
  • Achieving the simulated “end test”
  • Achieve A CPCS Theory test in relevant Category (e.g. A48 Piling Rig Bored > 20t)

FPS will complete the application with the required evidence of achievements and submit directly to CPCS.

Additional information:

  • Provisional Card valid for 6 months.
  • Categories to be endorsed on the back of the card as required for the occupation.
  • Theory test also valid for 6 months.

All of this allows sufficient time for the Provisional Card Holder to gain the practical skills and experience they need on site to enable them to achieve a CPCS Practical Test.

Existing Red & Blue Card Routes will be followed on successful completion of the CPCS Practical Technical Test (CPCS will be notified, and relevant CPCS card issued)

For more information and to apply please visit: https://www.nocnjobcards.org/CPCS/cpcs-pilots-new-provisional-card/ 

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