ERA releases new and improved Discover Rental guide to promote equipment rental

ERA releases new and improved Discover Rental guide to promote equipment rental

The European Rental Association (ERA) has published a new and improved Discover Rental guide to Europe’s equipment rental industry.

The guide serves as an introduction or ‘primer’ to promote the industry to new customers and explain rental to local authorities, policy-makers and other key stakeholders.

The guide, which was first published in 2010, has been updated and relaunched to reflect the latest developments in the industry, with chapters on the financial and operational benefits of rental, the types of equipment that can be rented, how to choose a rental company, sustainability and the economic contribution of the industry.

Michel Petitjean, Secretary General of ERA, said: “Europe’s equipment rental industry is very diverse, offering a wide range of solutions to customers in a variety of industries. For more and more customers, rental offers a useful and economic solution to flexibly cover ‎their demand for machinery and equipment, which is not surprising, considering the numerous financial, operational and sustainability benefits of renting equipment.

“This is true now more than ever, as businesses address the challenges of decarbonisation and the ‘Green Recovery’ from the COVID-19 pandemic, and this Discover Rental guide is essential for anyone interested in learning more about rental and for promoting the industry to customers, policy-makers and other stakeholders.”

The Discover Rental guide can be downloaded free of charge from the ERA website. The guide will be further developed into a series of videos over the next 12 months to help promote and explain the industry.

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