Industry Reactions to Government National Infrastructure Plans

Industry Reactions to Government National Infrastructure Plans

CPN collects reactions from across the industry on the government’s plans for national infrastructure. This post will be updated as more reactions come in.

Neil Humphrey, COO at Waterman and chair of the Association for Consultancy and Engineering’s (ACE) procurement and pipeline group comments on the publication of the National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline:

“We welcome the update to the Government’s infrastructure and construction pipeline. Full transparency in this area is crucial to ensuring our members have the right mix of skills, expertise and experience to deliver ambitions to Build Back Better. As the delivery partner of choice for public sector clients, the pipeline’s publication also means we are poised and ready to play our part in enabling swifter delivery and meeting Project Speed’s aspirations.

“The volume and scope of the projects and programmes in the pipeline reveals some of the detail behind commitments for post-pandemic recovery and, longer-term, to a Net Zero future. I’m pleased that ACE was able to support its members to deploy capabilities to best-effect by ensuring that additional project details were provided this year. This was a simple but common-sense improvement which will ensure the document is even more useful for the industry.“

Welcoming the publication of Transforming Infrastructure Performance (TIP): Roadmap to 2030, Keith Waller, Construction Innovation Hub Programme Director, said:

“The National Infrastructure and Construction Pipeline and the Transforming Infrastructure Performance (TIP): Roadmap to 2030 provide a clear and compelling vision for the next decade.

“The TIP Roadmapputs societal outcomes, the use of data and digital technology and innovation and improved delivery models at the heart of Government infrastructure investment and delivery,which closely aligns with the priorities and focus of the Construction Innovation Hubto drive sector innovation and deliver greater benefits for citizens.

“We will work with Government departments to embed platform construction systems, information management and the Value Toolkit in to the pipeline to help to make infrastructure in the UK the best in the world.”

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