Inmalo helping the fight against nuisance dust on major projects

Inmalo helping the fight against nuisance dust on major projects

The HSE ‘Dust Buster’ campaign started on the 5th October and aims to highlight the occupational health dangers associated with dust and the risk of respiratory lung disease within the construction industry.

Inmalo are one of the UK’s leading specialist of dust control products aimed at the construction and demolition industry and are constantly adapting to market needs. They have recently widened their offering for dust suppression units by adding MB Spray Cannons to their portfolio.

“We now have a combination of the best and most reliable dust suppression systems on the market which provides the largest choice and flexibility when it comes to unit size, area of operation, be it indoor or outdoor, throw range, ease of use, power and water supply options, mountings and configurations. With exclusive distribution in the UK for the MB Spray Cannon and the very popular Motofog, Inmalo have the most comprehensive range available in the UK today to suit all applications on site.

MB Dust Control has a solution to suit the environment you work in, whether inside or outside large or confined spaces. With the largest choice of Spray Cannons in the world for disinfection and suppressing dust / odour our range extends from SC5 (5m indoor / outdoor models) up to the SC150 (150m)”, says Charles Polak from Inmalo.

Alongside the MB Cannon systems sits the MOTOFOG range of dust control units which go from strength to strength. They are now a common sight on many construction and demolition projects due to the flexibility of power and water supply options and on-site manoeuvrability.

Charles Polak says that “The Motofog is still our No. 1 best-seller, our customers appreciate the simplicity of using them, especially without the need for a generator or mains water if you have a tank available.

The MB range has opened up a larger market in construction due to the mounting configuration options for integrated masts, generators and on-board bowsers tanks. Combined with the range of sizes and battery operated indoor systems, Inmalo are confident they have a flexible solution for the construction industry to meet its HSE health and safety obligations around the minimising and prevention of dust exposure in the work place.

After having rented Motofog units over the past few years John F Hunt Group Ltd decided to purchase them adding 6 Motofogs to their line-up.

We asked Chairman John Hall why he made the investment: “We chose The Motofog units as they provided the most flexible solution for our work sites where dust suppression was absolutely essential. A deciding factor was the Motofogs being simple to run and easy to maneuverer on site. Their ability to run off the mains or a tank was also a serious consideration to the site teams. We initially invested in 6 units (2 – MF20D and 4- MF40D) for sites in Kensington, Croydon and on our HS2 project in Euston, where they are not only suppressing the dust, but keeping our workforce safe whilst keeping clients and stakeholders 100% happy.”

As well as fully supporting sales and servicing, Inmalo also provide a wide range of units within their hire fleet.

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