Multi-million-pound investment in the Utilities Sector

Multi-million-pound investment in the Utilities Sector

Sunbelt Rentals has invested over four million pounds in essential and innovative equipment to support the day-to-day operations and growth of the utilities sector. 

Water, Gas and Electric are essential to the running of the UK services network, as the UK’s biggest rental provider, Sunbelt Rentals are leading the way in supporting innovation in the sector.

To support the RIIO GD2 gas replacement programme, Sunbelt Rentals has invested in £1.7 million alone in WASK, breathing apparatus and gas detection equipment.

They have also introduced battery powered electrofusion boxes, and now have the largest fleet of E-Fuze, the eco-friendly solution to welding PE pipe . E-Fuze is the first product of its kind and supports Sunbelt Rentals’ own sustainability strategy as a zero-carbon solution to welding PE pipe on site.

Sunbelt Rentals continues to invest in butt fusion equipment for both the gas and water sections, and a further £800K has been invested in tracked & static auto butt fusion machines, further expanding their fleet – which is already the largest in the world!

With the demand for electricity ever growing, as is the need for renewable energy sources, Sunbelt Rentals has also invested over £1.5million in essential equipment, including over 20 new winches from Tracto-Technik and a major investment in cable drum trailers. 

Brent Smith, Utilities Director for Sunbelt Rentals said: “We see it as our responsibility to drive equipment innovation in the utilities sector.  Sunbelt Rentals has made a long-term commitment as part of our ongoing sustainability plans to introduce more greener, friendlier and efficient solutions for our customers and partners.

“Our investment helps our clients to deliver their projects and achieve their goals. Together we’re all working towards one common objective to reduce CO emissions and create a more sustainable environment for future generations”.

Brent further commented that this investment however, is nothing without the knowledge and experience of a dedicated team “Our specialist team work tirelessly to assure our customers have what they need when they need it. They advise customers on the best solution for the task, without this knowledge the advances in technology simply wouldn’t exist, and it’s our team that are supporting the industry to develop new specialist equipment”.

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