The Rothen Group invests in health and safety with Lifting Legends

The Rothen Group invests in health and safety with Lifting Legends

The Rothen Group (TRG) has introduced new recognition to award its most experienced operators with ‘Lifting Legends’ status, in a bid to raise the bar for lifting safety and ensure best practice.

Introduced by TRG last year as an additional assessment offered to already experienced staff, Lifting Legends goes above and beyond the minimum health and safety guidelines set out for lifting in accordance with the Construction Design and Management (CDM) regulations.

So far, two employees in the business Russ Sweet and Joe Kiteley have achieved Lifting Legends recognition thanks to their extensive years in industry and completion of hundreds of successful lifts. This includes having completed a variety of basic, intermediate and complex lifts in various different scenarios. From proficiency with Hiab lorries and cranes of differing sizes, both in and out of the water and when entering marinas. Both members of staff have also been assessed to ensure that the standard of their lifting knowledge and execution remain exemplary.

Having advanced experience in all types of lifting means that Lifting Legends can act as senior consultants to support on-site contracting teams with lifting supervision, or to provide guidance to newly trained personnel. Lifting Legends can also be deployed to sites which require complex lifting procedures for additional assurance.

Ian Rothen, Founder of TRG, commented: “Whether we offer a full-service contract solution including equipment and teams to execute works, or hire out our extensive boating and plant equipment without our operators, safety is always paramount. All of our staff go through rigorous lifting and health and safety training. It is also our policy to ensure that only competent persons can use our equipment. With this in-mind, we supply training and supervision for clients who choose not to use our operators and ensure that those on-site are qualified to operate equipment before works start. This is where our Lifting Legends come to the fore, as it’s important to have highly trained individuals for on-site support.

“With experts such as our Lifting Legends present, projects are able to run on time as there is no need to wait to consult an external party when it comes to adjusting the set-up of lifting equipment. This can otherwise cause a delay if there has been a change in circumstance such as the weather or uneven terrain.

“We look forward to building our team and introducing more Lifting Legends in the future as we anticipate increased demand for them to provide added value and be present on-site.”

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