UK construction companies admit maintenance deprioritised until breakdowns occur

UK construction companies admit maintenance deprioritised until breakdowns occur

Shell Lubricants commissioned a survey in the UK to explore the effects current equipment maintenance has on the construction industry.

UK construction companies are incurring avoidable costs and delays due to equipment breakdowns resulting from ineffective maintenance practices. Companies are placing emphasis on extending equipment life as they strive to maximise profitability in a competitive market. However, with maintenance teams under-resourced, they are not set up for success, reveals Shell Lubricants in a new construction industry report, Powering Peak Performance.

Companies recognise the benefits of a proactive maintenance approach but are not necessarily succeeding in its implementation. Of those surveyed, 72%1 believe that effective equipment maintenance can lead to cost savings, but 64%1 still feel that maintenance is often deprioritised until there is a breakdown. An absence of senior management engagement in the importance of maintenance has come to light as one barrier to effective preventative action.

Shell Lubricants

Andrew Gibson, EU Construction Sector Marketing Manager said: “With in-house maintenance teams under strain, there is a clear demand for third-party expert advice and support. Equipment lubrication is one area where knowledge is currently lacking, and 82% said their maintenance staff would benefit from additional lubrication training. Together with OEMs, and industry experts, we at Shell Lubricants must help companies bridge this knowledge gap, if the industry is to progress.”

Andrew Gibson continued: “Over half (58%) of companies surveyed reported often experiencing breakdowns due to ineffective lubrication, but despite this, 56% admit that lubrication is rarely a priority. By working together with customers, we can help upgrade equipment lubrication practices, to help protect critical components against wear and guard against the build-up of efficiency-robbing deposits. Getting this right can mean less unplanned equipment downtime and ultimately, savings on avoidable maintenance costs, which can help to enhance their competitive advantage.”

This survey, commissioned by Shell Lubricants and conducted by research firm Edelman Intelligence, is based on 350 interviews with Construction sector staff who purchase, influence the purchase or use lubricants / greases as part of their job across 7 countries (USA, China, India, Germany, Russia, Indonesia and the UK) from March to April 2018.

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