Wales-based technology pioneer combating global carbon emissions

Wales-based technology pioneer combating global carbon emissions

As the COP-26 climate conference draws to a close in Glasgow and representatives from across the world return home to consider their next steps in the battle against climate change, many companies will be wondering what they can do to reduce their own carbon footprint today.

Hydrogen and renewable energy systems will no doubt become an increasingly important part of their equipment operation in the future, but for construction, mining and industrial companies, diesel looks set to remain the fuel of choice for some years to come.

Ensuring that the engines that power heavy machinery only burn the cleanest possible fuel has never been more important, as maximising efficiency minimises fuel use and exhaust emissions. Wales-based technology company FuelActive is playing a critical role for a growing number of businesses, helping construction, mining, transport and agricultural companies to achieve optimum machine performance.

The award-winning FuelActive system, which ensures that fuel injection systems remain free from contaminated fuel, has been delivering on average a 5% fuel efficiency saving for customers across the world, resulting in a similar reduction in CO2 emissions. Equally importantly for customers, the patented system greatly reduces costly downtime, resulting in productive performance and a reduced carbon footprint.

The company, based in Taff’s Well near Cardiff, is backed by private equity syndicate Adjuvo, along with the Development Bank of Wales. The business also received an award from Innovate UK’s Smart Grant, as it continues to develop its fuel delivery system to meet the future needs of customers across the world.

“After all of the headlines from COP-26, it is fantastic to see that there are Welsh early-stage technology companies capable of making such an impact on diesel engine emissions worldwide,” said Rafael Jones, Investment Executive at the Development Bank of Wales.

“We realise that this is a rapidly changing sector of the market and we are proud to support a local company that is pioneering carbon reduction technologies in developed and emerging markets throughout the world.”

Coinciding with COP-26, Alex Davies-Jones, Member of Parliament for Pontypridd & Taff Ely visited the FuelActive facility. Commenting on the visit, Ms Davies-Jones said: “I am extremely impressed with the incredible work that the team are doing at FuelActive. Their innovative solution to the problem of fuel contamination in diesel engines is particularly welcome at a time where action to protect our planet is needed now more than ever. While I can’t claim to be much of an engineer myself, it was fascinating to learn about their patented technology which increases fuel efficient and reduces emissions in diesel engines. And I do feel incredibly proud that FuelActive have found their home in Taff’s Well. I look forward to seeing how the business continues to thrive and grow and they can count on my full support both now and going forward into the future too.”

FuelActive’s CEO Nick Massey added: “We are extremely grateful to Adjuvo and the Development Bank of Wales and to our other investors for their continued support. FuelActive is increasingly being recognised as a global leader in technical innovation. We continue to work with customers in the field, as a technical solution provider for manufacturers and end users, in a wide range of applications across the globe.”

The rapidly expanding business has seen revenues rise by almost 260% in the last 12 months, leading to a doubling of its workforce in Wales. With over 1 billion diesel engines operating around the world, FuelActive delivers a solution for today’s operations, that will help customers to take the first steps on the road to carbon reduction.

“Despite the global industrial upheaval caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have continued to grow, serving customers in markets across the world,” said Massey.  

This cost-effective product ensures delivery of diesel to fuel injection systems that is up to 92% cleaner, significantly reducing harmful emissions. FuelActive delivers optimal performance in both new and old diesel engines and this is particularly important for used equipment going overseas, where FuelActive can provide an easy solution for reducing emissions in emerging markets. Further developments will provide new ways to help increase uptime and to maximise machine utilisation.”

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