A compact utility loader is the agile solution to construction growth

A compact utility loader is the agile solution to construction growth

Even as the construction industry bounces back from COVID-19, making the right choice of machinery is crucial. Matthew Coleman, Sales Manager, LCE & Siteworks UK Direct Business at Toro, explains why a compact utility loader is the perfect investment. 

Good news has been hard to find under the grip of the COVID-19 pandemic, but the UK construction industry can at least point to promising signs of recovery. In March, the IHS Markit/CCips index, a reliable bellwether of construction activity, registered the strongest rate of growth since 2014.

At the same time, there are various initiatives in place to reinforce the recovery, perhaps the most eye-catching of which is the Government’s super-deduction investment incentive.  In effect until the end of March 2023, companies will receive a 130 per cent deduction against taxes for new plant and machinery purchases.

Even in more positive economic times, contractors would be wise to ponder where best to place their bets when investing in machinery.  How do you plan effectively when the bespoke nature of projects means that requirements will vary from job to job? Agility is key, and it is here that a compact utility loader can make all the difference.

Speed, Power, Performance
Already a proven and popular tool in the U.S., there are several key areas where a compact utility loader can help construction professionals meet the challenges of post-COVID growth.

As the name implies, versatility is a real benefit. The best compact utility loader will be compatible with a variety of attachments, allowing a single machine to handle most essential jobs on-site: from earth moving, tilling and trenching to levelling, lifting and hauling.  It pays to look for machines that offer a quick hitch system, allowing attachments to be changed in as little as 5 seconds.

Its compact size is ideal for squeezing into small spaces. For the operator, maneuverability is essential, so it’s best to choose a loader with four-wheel drive, or an inch mode for fine control.

And just because it’s small, doesn’t mean that a compact utility loader lacks power. A Rated Operating Capacity of up to 233.6 kg is possible – essentially doing the work of three men. That kind of hydraulic power delivers muscle where it’s needed, and when matched by rugged manufacture can cope with even the most arduous job. 

Going Electric
Newly launched in the UK, the Toro e-Dingo can deliver all of the above features – but it adds the benefits of being 100% electric.  The e-Dingo uses a lithium ion battery, which is fully charged in less than 8 hours. It is designed with eco mode and auto idle, to maximise runtime for a day’s work.

Contractors are already facing the prospect of more stringent regulation of non-road mobile machinery emissions. As a result, they need to carefully consider the phased replacement of non-compliant machinery. The e-Dingo is future-proofed for such regulation, without compromising on the power and performance needed to do the job.

Likewise, with an increased drive towards low noise zones and zero engine exhaust emissions, the e-Dingo is perfect for meeting the terms of tenders for projects involving municipalities, universities or hospitals settings.  

And when you add non-marking solid tyres to the engine exhaust-free, quiet tech, this means it can also be used indoors safely.

The e-Dingo represents a cleaner, quieter, faster alternative, either as a direct investment by contractors or as the ideal machine to rent for a job.  Given the variety of attachments, user-friendly controls and ability to replace manpower, the e-Dingo is a great addition to any rental fleet.

A Speedy Route To Growth
The choice of a compact utility loader such as the Toro e-Dingo provides plenty of options for achieving the agility necessary for growth.  Whether for plant hire companies or contractors, the e-Dingo provides the power and versatility to help meet the post-COVID construction boom. By helping companies to complete jobs faster, with fewer people, the e-Dingo is a sensible and timely addition to any fleet.  

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