Cat launches paving solutions

Cat launches paving solutions

Caterpillar have announced a new range of paving solutions for 2021. Keep reading for more information on the range, available soon from CAT dealer Finning UK & Ireland.

CAT Command for Compaction helps contractors achieve compaction quality

Caterpillar announces the release of Cat Command for Compaction (header image), an operator-assisted technology that automates the soil compaction process and helps contractors achieve compaction quality. The Command for Compaction system is available for use on select Cat vibratory soil compactors.

Simple Set-up and Operation
An in-cab display with an intuitive, touchscreen interface makes setup easy and the system connects to common base stations with no back office or design needed. The operator uses the machine to map the boundaries of the area to be compacted and enters the compaction parameters. Once the operator places the machine in “auto,” the system will control the propulsion, steering and vibration of the machine. Recent jobs are saved in the system and can be accessed through the touchscreen interface.

An integrated object detection system alerts the operator if an object is in the pathway.  If there is an area that cannot be compacted using vibration, the operator can choose to turn the vibration system off and give control back to the system once the area has been passed.

Consistent Results
By automating the compaction process, operator skill gaps are minimized by providing consistent results based on operator inputs. Command for Compaction enables compaction quality by maintaining constant speed and correct pass count with consistent and precise overlap, allowing contractors to hit compaction targets more frequently.

Caterpillar introduces the RM400 rotary mixer

Caterpillar Inc. announces the availability of the RM400 Rotary Mixer. The new RM400 replaces the RM300 Rotary Mixer and offers many new features and enhancements including 19% more power, an enhanced operating environment, and better maneuverability. These features help contractors achieve the demanding job specifications in both full-depth reclamation and soil stabilization applications. The machine delivers a 2.4 m (8 ft.) cutting width and weighs in at 23 500 kg (51,809 lb.).

Efficient Power, Increased Mobility
The Cat C9.3 engine provides 311 kW (417 hp) of power and meets  EU Stage V emission standards. Standard all-wheel drive utilizes four independent drive pumps for maximum torque while providing excellent traction and greater speed for moving around the job site. An operating length of 9.56 m (31.4 ft.) is 44 cm (17.3 in.) shorter than its predecessor, the RM300. The shorter length improves maneuverability in commercial zones, parking lots, and residential areas, while also enhancing visibility.

Innovative Operating Environment
A full left to right sliding cab enhances side-to-side viewing to the tire edges and rotor cut lines for improved operator efficiency and increased production. Standard front and rear facing cameras viewed through a display in the cab provide good visibility, while optional side mounted cameras provide good sight lines along the machine for enhanced safety.

Additionally, optional cameras can be mounted in front and behind the rotor chamber. The front camera assists the operator when cutting close to obstacles such as manholes and curbs, while the rear camera provides a good view of the discharge material. Viewing these cameras from the operator’s station requires an additional touch screen display.

Hand-wheel steering offers simple control and good forward viewing, while a joystick controls the rear wheels when utilizing select modes for more precise control. A tablet sized LCD display keeps the operator informed of machine functions, including the front and rear door opening of the rotor chamber.

Superior Mix Quality
Three different rotor speeds help deliver the desired material gradation. An electronic controller keeps the rotor at the proper depth and the machine at a consistent speed to ensure optimal blending performance. The RM400 can be equipped with a water spray system in conjunction with an emulsion system to provide excellent versatility and time savings when additives are needed.

Four rotor options are available for a variety of applications. A universal rotor can be used for either full depth reclamation or soil stabilization and is equipped with 200 point-attack carbide-tipped tools. A soil rotor is used for a variety of mixing and stabilization applications and blends additives with semi-cohesive or granular materials and is equipped with 238 point-attack, carbide-tipped tools. The combination rotor is designed primarily for use in soil stabilization applications in cohesive materials, but also works well for light asphalt reclamation. The combination rotor is equipped with 114 point-attack, carbide-tipped tools. A spade rotor is also available.

Simplified Service
Daily service points are grouped and easily accessible. The engine hood easily tilts forward with the flip of a switch for easy access to the cooling system and engine. The cooling system utilizes a variable speed fan that can be set to periodically reverse direction for short intervals during operation. This unique design helps the system shed accumulated dust and keep the system cleaner for maximum efficiency and extended service intervals.

An optional onboard air compressor combined with the tilting rotor hood and large, rear discharge door makes changing rotor bits quick and easy.

Caterpillar launches three new Cat utility compactor models in the 2- to 3-tonne class

Caterpillar expands its 2- to 3-tonne product offering by introducing three new tandem and combination utility compactors that deliver increased productivity, unmatched efficiency, simple operation and easy maintenance. The new line includes weight-based model nomenclature changes with the new Cat® CB2.5 GC replacing the CB2.5, CB2.7 GC replacing the CB2.7, and new CC2.7 GC replacing the CC2.6. These versatile rollers take on a range of soil and asphalt applications, including parking lots, driveways, urban streets, landscaping and small construction sites. 

Designed for rental, the efficient Cat GC series compactors deliver low total cost of ownership, simplified maintenance and long-term durability. Powered by a turbocharged Cat C1.7T engine rated at 18.4-kW, the CB2.5 GC, CB2.7 GC and CC2.7 GC models meet EU Stage V emission standards without an aftertreatment system, simplifying maintenance and lowering service costs. Advanced hydraulics and exclusive power management software help deliver equivalent performance with the smaller engine. Their new auto idle shutdown feature helps to conserve fuel and machine hours. 

Simple and productive
The reengineered operator controls feature simple rocker switches and an easy-to-read Cat display for intuitive operation, so even inexperienced operators can quickly learn. A switch efficiently controls low/high vibration frequencies, while auto vibration control ceases vibration when the travel lever is in neutral to prevent marking of the asphalt mat. Available dual propel levers help to improve operator comfort.  

Offering compaction widths from 1,000 mm to 1,300 mm, all new Cat utility compactors feature large 720 mm drum diameters for a smooth mat finish. Thicker, 14 mm drum shells deliver added durability and more compactive effort due to the increased weight. The rollers’ 50 mm drum offset improves compaction efficiency when rolling next to curbs. A narrow frame design allows for improved visibility to the job surface and drum edge. Optional compaction measurement value (CMV) displays measured material stiffness to the operator, improving compaction performance, eliminating unnecessary passes and improving consistency. 

The new GC series models incorporate a water tank gauge for continuous monitoring from the operator’s station, so the tank does not run dry. Better positioned nozzles on the spray bars improves water coverage on the drum to prevent material pick-up. The inventive new spray test mode on the water system facilitates testing and adjusting nozzle angle to ensure proper drum coverage. 

Improved service and safety
To help service technicians quickly diagnose existing and potential issues, the new utility compactor line now features standard Cat ET (electronic technician) diagnostic software. When connected to the Electronic Control Module (ECM), Cat ET accesses diagnostic information such as status parameters display, active diagnostic codes viewing, logged diagnostic codes view, and diagnostic tests and calibration to help identify machine issues. 

Standard Product Link™ technology captures critical operating data, fault codes and machine location information to boost fleet management efficiency. Optional Remote Troubleshoot analyzes real-time machine data for diagnostics of fault codes without impacting machine productivity and potentially saving a service trip to the jobsite. Allowing for machine software updates around the production schedule, optional Remote Flash ensures these utility compactors are operating with the most current version of software. 

The new Cat compactors now come with standard a 76.2-mm high-visibility orange seatbelt to make jobsite safety visible. Slip resistance steps and platform help to improve operating safety. An operator presence sensor in the seat prevents unintended roller operation while not seated. Multiple optional LED lighting packages are available to help bring visibility on the jobsite and comply with roading regulations. 

New Cat GC Series single drum vibratory soil compactors deliver simple operation, low ownership costs and long service intervals

Caterpillar expands its single drum vibratory soil compactor line with the introduction of the new 84-in (2134 mm) Cat® GC Series, built for simple operation, high reliability and low cost-per-hour performance. Offering high static linear load and more weight at the drum for superior compaction, the new series consists of the 10-tonne-class CS10 GC, 11-tonne CS11 GC and CP11 GC, and 12-tonne CS12 GC and CP12 GC. With both smooth (CS) and padfoot (CP) drum models available for compaction of granular and cohesive soils, the new models deliver reliable performance for road building, site preparation, large residential construction, large earth fill and agriculture applications. 

The new GC Series is powered by the 120.7 hp (90.0 kW) Cat C3.6 diesel engine that meets stringent U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final / EU Stage V emission standards. Standard Eco-Mode operation reduces engine speed to 2,000 RPM to deliver up to 10% fuel savings over operation at high idle. The engine’s long oil and filter change interval helps to lower service time and costs. 

Easy-to-select speed control offers one-button switching from working to travel speed. The compactors’ single propel pump with limited slip differential rear axle deliver expectation-exceeding gradeability up to 55% for the 10- and 11-tonne models and up to 50% for 12-tonne models. All compactors feature a low overall 9.8 ft (3 m) height plus improved tie-down locations for fast, low-cost transport that meets market regulations. 

Proven Cat performance and flexibility
The new GC vibratory soil compactors feature the Cat exclusive pod-style vibration system, providing a long 3-year/3,000-hour service interval for reliable operation. Providing more weight at the drum than the B Series, these new models offer high compaction performance. Dual amplitude and frequency increase compaction versatility of the new line, and a single button allows the operator to quickly change from high to low amplitude. 

Additional XT weight kits and padfoot shell kits for CS smooth drum models increase machine flexibility. Weight kits for the CS10 GC and CS11 GC replace the front bumper and add weights under the yoke tube of the CS 11 GC to bump each model up to the next weight class, expanding application capabilities. The same B Series shell kit design converts GC Series smooth drum compactors into a padfoot drum roller, allowing these machines to efficiently compact cohesive soils as well as granular.  

Simple, comfortable operation 
Simplified controls and operation allow even the most inexperienced operator to quickly learn GC compactor operation. Digital readouts offer a quick glance of critical operating data and are customizable for operator preference. All main controls are located on the right-side console for easy access and include propel lever with vibration control, engine throttle and Eco-Mode selection, and emergency stop and parking brake. Standard auto-vibe automatically starts/stops machine vibration based on propel lever position to prevent compaction while not moving. 

The new GC Series offers improved operator platform ingress/egress with angled steps, anti-skid entrance and conveniently located handrails. Ergonomically grouped controls deliver efficient operation, while an iso-mounted operator station with rubber floor mat minimizes vibration feedback to reduce fatigue. Machine design delivers superior visibility around the compactor, allowing the operator to quickly see work area obstructions without straining. Internal and external mirrors provide excellent visibility and the optional rear vision camera further expands the operator’s view toward the rear of the machine, allowing the operator to quickly see the work area without obstructions or straining. 

Convenient service and technology 
The reliable new Cat GC Series of soil compactors feature industry-leading service intervals to lower maintenance costs and keep the machines on the job. Both hydraulic oil and eccentric housing oil boast a 3,000-hour/3-year change interval, and the engine oil and filter are changed at 500 hours. The articulation joint and battery are both maintenance-free. 

Compactor design offers convenient access to the hydraulic oil tank, filter and S∙O∙SSM oil sampling ports without lifting the hood. 

All rollers come standard with Product Link™ Elite that captures critical operating data, monitors machine health, and provides service reminders and fault code alerts to improve fleet management. A host of optional scalable technologies are available for the new GC Series, including Machine Drive Power, Compaction Meter Value, mapping and machine-to-machine communication. 

Updated Cat Cold Planers showcase commitment to milling customers


New product updates to the versatile and productive Cat PM620, PM622, PM820, PM822 and PM825 half-lane cold planers include numerous improvements based on customer feedback to ease operation and lower owning and operating costs. Five years ago, Caterpillar brought a fresh line-up of cold planers to the market and have been continuously working on improvements to the product line ever since. The 2021 product release marks the third update to these models since they were first introduced.

The 470 kW (630 hp) PM620 and PM622 are powered by the well-known Cat C18 engine. The heavier and more powerful PM820, PM822 and PM825 are powered by the same C18 engine with a twin-turbo setup to deliver 597 kW (800.6 hp), up to 27% more power than the PM620 and PM622. The five models meet U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final, EU Stage V and Korea Tier 4 Final emissions standards and are optimized to reduce fuel burn with a high-capacity cooling system that keeps the engine at ideal temperatures for optimal fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

Redesigned Lighting Options Illuminate the Jobsite
New expanded LED lighting enhances nighttime and low-light operation. The new wide-dispersion LED work lights come standard and provide an improved, well-lit work area for ground crew. LED perimeter lights can also be added to further illuminate the rotor chamber, cutting path and work areas around the machine for increased visibility. New entry/exit lighting provides illumination to the ladder and operator platform when the machine is off. The forward-folding canopy option now features dimmable LED strip lights mounted to the underside of the canopy to further improve visibility on the operator platform. When the canopy is lowered, the lights continue to illuminate the intuitive, operator-friendly controls.

Integrated Technology and Efficient Performance
The integrated Cat GRADE with Grade and Slope system takes the guesswork out of producing accurate and repeatable cutting results and includes automated features like obstacle jump and programmable cut transitions to aid in milling precision. Cat cold planers can also be enhanced with full 3D milling operation.

The robust cutting system is designed to withstand the toughest applications and built to last with heavy steel construction and reinforced alloys to resist abrasion. Available in a wide variety of spacings, Cat System K rotors are durable and deliver high-performance with efficient material flow and an excellent cutting pattern. Kicker paddles are reversible for extended life, and the tapered dual retention toolholder design eliminates the need for retaining bolts, pins, or setscrews, reducing replacement time by up to 50%.

A reliable track undercarriage system with well-engineered track geometry provides high tractive effort and better load distribution when milling deep cuts or through hard materials. High-capacity conveyors provide efficient removal of milled material with outstanding discharge control. The belt also reverses for faster clean-up, while magnetic vinyl covers provide quick access to inspect the rollers for wear. Optional dust ventilation and spray bar systems maximize dust removal.

Improved Serviceability
Longer lasting conveyor flashing, improved rotor drive access, corded pendant for the rotor turning device, and an added wear shoe for the inboard ski are just a handful of the many improvements included in this product update. Cat milling machines are designed with long maintenance intervals, large service doors, and power hood for walk-in access to critical components and systems. Track pads are easy to replace, while track chains and other undercarriage components are maintenance-free up to 4,000 hours. When time to replace high wear components, Cat dealers provide specialized support with repair kits, convenient parts availability, and service options for both the machine and the engine.

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