Caterpillar reveals new M19 and M20 excavators and D4 dozer

Caterpillar reveals new M19 and M20 excavators and D4 dozer

New Cat D4 Dozer offers better visibility, more productivity-boosting technology choices, lower operating costs

The Cat D4 (formerly D6K2) Dozer has long been a favorite because of its power, precision and optimized balance for smooth grading performance. The latest D4 takes the value up a level with improved sight lines, reduced operating costs and the broadest choice of easy-to-use technology features to help get the most from the bulldozer. The D4 weighs in at 29,259 lbs. (13,272 kg), with a net power of 130 hp (97 kW). D4 LGP has an operating weight of 30,882 lbs. (14,008 kg).

Get A Better View
A lower sloping hood line provides up to 30 percent better visibility to the area in front of the blade. The shorter sight lines mean the visual distance between the blade and the material pile is shortened by about 40 percent, so less time is spent backing up to get a full view of the material and the job gets done faster.

In the cab, operators will find a more comfortable seat with improved suspension and multiple adjustments for personalized comfort. An easy-to-use 10-in (254-mm) touchscreen main display, now common across much of the Cat dozer lineup, puts machine settings and features in easy view. A standard High Definition rearview camera shows prominently in the main display.

Unprecedented Technology Choices
The D4 leads the industry with a variety of technology offerings that are easy to use and help get the most from an equipment investment.

The D4 includes several standard technology features aimed at helping operators work more efficiently, regardless of experience level. The cab also offers optimal interior mounting locations that make it simple to install the grade control system of choice.

  • Slope Indicate shows machine mainfall and cross-slope on the main display for easy reference.
  • Stable Blade works seamlessly with operator blade inputs for smoother surfaces.
  • Traction Control automatically reduces track slip to save time, fuel and track wear.1
  • An optional technology package includes the standard technology features, plus:
  • Cat Grade with Slope Assist™ provides basic blade positioning assistance without added hardware or a GPS signal. Updated main display makes the system intuitive and easy to use.
  • Factory Attachment Ready Option (ARO) provides optimal mounting locations, brackets, and hardware and simplifies installation of any brand of grade control system.

Customers can also add factory integrated Cat Grade with 3D. The system uses a GPS signal to automatically adjust blade movements – both lift and tilt – as the operator follows the design plan. Antennas and receivers are housed in a low-profile roof-mounted spoiler. An intuitive 10-in (254-mm) Grade operator interface works like a smart phone, making it easy for operators to pick up quickly. Android OS platform allows installation of custom apps for more versatility. AutoCarry™ is also packaged with Grade with 3D, automating blade lift to help get more consistent blade loads with each pass and reduce track slip. Works seamlessly with Grade with 3D and Slope Assist.

With the capability of installing 3D grade systems from Trimble, Topcon and Leica, the D4 can easily integrate into jobsites with existing grading technology infrastructures. All Cat Grade systems are compatible with Trimble, Topcon and Leica radios and base stations.

Lower Operating Costs
Longer service intervals contribute to up to 7 percent lower maintenance costs. Engine oil/engine oil filter service interval has been extended to 1,000 hours*. Service intervals have also been extended on the air cleaner and Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) pump filter. LED lights offer up to six times the life of halogen to save on parts cost.

Connect to Greater Efficiency
Cat Link telematics technology helps take the complexity out of managing job sites – by gathering data generated by equipment, materials, and people – and serving it up in customizable formats.

  • Product Link™ collects data automatically and accurately from equipment assets – any type and any brand – which can be viewed online through web and mobile applications.
  • Access information anytime, anywhere with VisionLink®Cat dealers can help configure a customized subscription, available with cellular or satellite reporting or both.
  • The Cat App helps manage assets – at any time – right from a smartphone.
  • Remote Troubleshoot saves time and money by allowing a Cat dealer to perform diagnostic testing remotely. Remote Flash updates on-board software without a technician being present, at a convenient time, potentially reducing update time by as much as 50 percent.
  • Application Profile and Operator ID helps save time by saving preferred machine settings.
  • Machine Security – Passcode provides an optional additional level of security by requiring an operator to enter an ID before the machine will start.

Equipped for the Job
The D4 is available in Standard or Low Ground Pressure (LGP) configurations. A Variable Pitch Angle Tilt (VPAT) blade is standard, with an option for a foldable VPAT blade to reduce transport width.

The D4 can also be ordered with specialized guarding to take on the challenges of Forestry/Land Clearing. In addition to machine protection against impacts and airborne debris, these specialty dozers can be ordered with an impact-resistant cab featuring polycarbonate windows.

New Cat M319 wheeled excavator delivers high performance with a compact front and tail swing design

Making no compromise on performance, the new Cat M319 wheeled excavator features a short front-end design and tail swing to efficiently work in confined areas. Delivering up to 15% more swing torque than previous models, this Next Gen excavator quickly gets the job done. A dedicated swing pump improves operating efficiency by providing more consistent power for better multitasking capabilities

Powered by the 128-kW (171-hp) Cat C4.4 engine, the M319 tailors performance and production to jobsite needs while meeting EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards. With features like Eco mode to minimize fuel consumption in less demanding applications, the excavator uses up to 5% less fuel than previous models, lowering long-term owning and operating costs.

High performance, limited swing
The new M319 spends more time working by quickly traveling between sites at speeds reaching 35 km/h (21.7 mph). With its minimal 1900-mm (6-ft, 3in) tail swing radius, operators can complete dig, swing and dump tasks with limited side overhang when working on tight jobsites.

Its updated advanced hydraulic system delivers the optimum balance of power and efficiency, while offering the control required for working precision. To increase machine flexibility, auxiliary hydraulic options of high- and medium-pressure circuits with one/two-way pressure flow allow contractors to tailor machine configuration for using a wide range of Cat attachments.

Whether working from dirt or asphalt, the M319 tackles a range of projects from utility work to general excavating to trenching. A standard high-ambient temperature capability of 50˚ C (125˚ F) and cold-start capability of -18˚ C (0˚ F), plus working at altitudes as high as 3000 m (9,843 ft) without derating, the excavator meets contractors’ needs for productively completing projects in a range of operating environments.

Premium comfort
Boosting efficiency and comfort, its reengineered cab delivers a premium operator experience. The new large, 240-mm (10-in) touchscreen monitor with jog dial delivers intuitive navigation of machine controls. Operators can program joystick configuration and power preferences, and the new excavator recalls specific settings based on the unique Operator ID. Delivering all-day climate comfort, operators easily adjust internal cab temperature to the ideal setting using the new monitor.

Cab entry and exit is much easier with a new tilt-up left console. Featuring advanced viscous mounts, the M319 reduces machine vibration feed-back to the cab, reducing operator fatigue. Easy-to-reach controls increase comfort, while auto axle lock detects when the service brake must be locked or unlocked to reduce the number of actions required by the operator.

With available Deluxe and Premium cab designs, the Deluxe comes standard with a heated and air-adjustable seat, while the Premium offers a seat that is heated, ventilated and automatically adjusts.

Reduced maintenance costs
Offering double the filter life, the new M319 design synchronizes fuel filter change intervals at 1,000 hours. Fuel integrity and machine uptime reliability is improved with two filtration stages of particles in the diesel. The hydraulic system also features advanced filtration performance with anti-drain valves that keep the oil clean during filter replacement and a 50% longer filter life of 3,000 hours. Combined, these features lower maintenance costs.

Cat S∙O∙SSM fluid sampling extraction ports, daily maintenance points and engine oil dipstick can all be accessed from ground level to substantially improve maintenance efficiency. Operators easily track both filter life and maintenance intervals from inside the cab via the touchscreen monitor, facilitating maintenance planning.

Enhancing safety
Enabling the pushbutton starting feature with the unique Operator ID delivers an enhanced level of excavator security and operating safety for the new M319. Standard rearview and right-side cameras, along with large cab windows with small cab pillars, help to improve jobsite visibility for the operator. An optional 360◦ visibility system combines input from multiple cameras around the machine to give operators an unparalleled view of their surroundings. The excavator’s new flat engine hood design also improves visibility.

Ground-level daily maintenance points and upper-level service platform help to increase safety when working on the M319. A standard hydraulic lockout lever isolates all hydraulic and travel functions, while swing lock prevents the front linkage from moving during travel.

Built for performance, the new Cat M320 wheeled excavator offers more swing torque, a longer wheelbase and extended service intervals


The new Cat M320 wheeled excavator optimizes performance and efficiency at the jobsite with up to 9% more swing torque than the Cat M320F to get work done faster. Its longer wheelbase increases operating stability and improves machine ride when roading to the next jobsite at speeds reaching 35 km/h (21.7 mph). From dirt to asphalt, this wheeled excavator meets contractors’ needs for efficient operation in a range of applications from utility work to trenching to waste handling.

Improvements to the hydraulic system increase machine efficiency when working with a range of Cat attachments. Upgrades in machine design reduce the time it takes for daily maintenance plus extended filter life and longer service intervals maximize machine uptime availability at the jobsite while lowering ownership costs.

Power and performance
Delivering performance and production, the new M320 is powered by the 129.4-kW (174-hp) Cat C4.4 engine that meets EU Stage V and U.S. EPA Tier 4 Final emissions standards. Efficiency increasing standard features like one-touch low idle with automatic engine speed control, auto engine idle shutdown and on-demand electric cooling fans combine to conserve both diesel and diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) to lower operating costs. Capable of running up to B20 biodiesel, the machine offers a standard high-ambient temperature capability of 50˚ C (125˚ F) and cold-start capability of -18˚ C (0˚ F) for completing projects in a range of operating environments.

More efficiently multitasking, the new M320 features a dedicated swing pump to provide consistent power. The advanced hydraulic system automatically balances power and efficiency to give operators more machine control for precise working requirements. Its unique heavy lift mode feature boosts lifting capacities to more efficiently handle heavy loads, increasing machine flexibility.

Longer service intervals
The new M320 design saves owners up to 5% in maintenance parts with its new, longer-lasting filters. Offering a 50% longer service life than previous filter designs, the new hydraulic oil filter with anti-drain valves to safeguard from contaminating the oil during replacement delivers improved filtration performance and a 3,000-hour replacement interval. Two fuel filtration levels better protect the engine from dirt particles in the diesel.

All daily maintenance points are quickly and safely checked from ground level. Reducing service time, the M320 features centralized grease points with an available automatic lubrication system option for the implement and swing system. Providing easy extraction of fluid samples for analysis, all SOSSM ports are also positioned at ground level. The operator conveniently tracks machine maintenance intervals and filter life from inside the cab on a touchscreen monitor to improve maintenance planning efficiency.

Standard Product Link™ technology on the M320 improves fleet management and excavator servicing by recording and reporting critical operating data and machine fault codes to key personnel. New Remote Troubleshoot allows the dealer to run diagnostic testing of fault codes from the office while the machine is operating, potentially saving a trip to the jobsite.

Next-level comfort and visibility
Two larger Next Gen cab designs – Deluxe and Premium – are available for the new M320. All controls are positioned in front of the operator, within easy reach, to elevate comfort. The machine can be started in several ways: via pushbutton start; a Bluetooth key fob; or the unique Operator ID function. Each operator can preset and store their own preferred machine settings using Operator ID, and the excavator remembers those settings each time the operator logs in.

Operators intuitively navigate through machine functions with the new large, 240-mm (10-in) touchscreen monitor with jog dial. Delivering all-day climate comfort, internal cab temperature is easily adjusted to the ideal setting using the new monitor.

Advanced viscous mounts found on the M320 cab decrease machine vibration feed-back, reducing operator fatigue. Its tilt-up left console design simplifies cab ingress/egress for the new wheeled excavator. Reducing the number of actions required by the operator, auto axle lock detects when the service brake and axle need to be locked or unlocked, and it releases automatically when the operator presses the travel pedal. 

Boosting operating efficiency as well as safety, standard rearview and right-side cameras, along with large cab windows with small cab pillars, help to improve jobsite visibility for the operator. An optional 360 visibility system combines input from multiple cameras around the machine to give operators an unparalleled view of their surroundings. The excavator’s new flat engine hood design also improves visibility.

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