Double Tadano all terrain crane upgrade: AC 4.110-1 and AC 5.120-1

Double Tadano all terrain crane upgrade: AC 4.110-1 and AC 5.120-1

Mobile crane manufacturer Tadano is betting on being on the cutting edge of things, and so the company recently decided to upgrade more than just the name of its four-axle and five-axle cranes in the 100-tonne to 120-tonne class.

The maneuverable AC 4.110-1 now has a larger lifting capacity despite there not being any changes to its total weight – all thanks to a new and stronger boom that is also part of the five-axle AC 5.120-1. The latter continues to make a compelling case in day-to-day work with a convenient ten-tonne axle load. 

As part of its reorganization efforts, Tadano will be standardizing the names of its mobile crane models throughout the year. The new AC 4.110-1 and AC 5.120-1 come with updated names right out of the gate. 

A stronger boom for more lifting capacity
The pivotal point of both crane models is the new and stronger main boom. With it, Tadano offers greater lifting capacities: The two models can now lift 10 tonnes with the main boom fully extended, which corresponds to a lifting capacity increase of 37% in comparison to the preceding ATF-100-4.1 and ATF-120-5.1 models. 

A bigger work area and the ability to handle tighter spaces
The boom extension means that the two cranes now have a larger work area. A smaller minimum radius, larger lifting height, and 82° boom angle make it possible to work closer to the crane. This makes both crane models even better suited to tight work sites and work at large heights.

Flexible solutions for extensions
In addition to the larger lifting capacity, the AC 4.110-1 and AC 5.120-1 benefit from an updated main boom extension. This extension can be set up particularly quickly as a result of reduced complexity. The ATF-100-4.1 and ATF-120-5.1 main boom extension, including a runner, will continue to be available. Both main boom extension versions now benefit from a reduced minimum radius in the 0° position.

Simplified US approval for AC 5.120-1
Tadano offers the AC 5.120-1 with a modified wheelbase specifically for the US market. With this modification, the crane conforms to current US approval regulations.

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