For Filters – Holm is where the part is

For Filters – Holm is where the part is

Announcing the launch of a new business, Holm Filters, dedicated to the sourcing and supply of filters for construction, plant and agricultural equipment. 

A division of HTS Spares, the new service embraces filters of all types, brands, shapes and sizes, for a broad range of equipment. 

The culmination of over three years of research, the new business and brand is the result of close cooperation between the company and a leading European filter manufacturer to develop the largest range of credible filters available.  With the specification of Holm filters matching or exceeding that of original manufacturer parts, the quality of Holm filters is assured.

The new Holm for filters
In developing the new service, intensive discussions were held with buyers, fitters and users across the construction, plant and agricultural industries. The feedback on their needs led to the development of new and unique facilities, aimed at simplifying the filter ordering and replenishment process for customers.

The company has implemented an innovative service supply system to assist specifiers in sourcing filter parts, at the heart of which is the unique Holm Filter Finder. An online application accessed via, the Filter Finder makes it easy to locate and select replacement filters for any make or model of plant machinery. 

Simple to understand filter part numbers are based on Holm’s own nine-digit reference system which provides a unique identifier for individual filters. To further assist customers with equipment management and maintenance tracking, Holm can also label parts with a client’s own reference numbers if required.

Holm maintains a comprehensive stock of thousands of filters which are available direct from their warehouse, also facilitating supply on a call-off basis. The company has also developed a selection of filter kits, designed to reduce downtime and costs, which come complete with everything needed for a service filter change.

All Holm filters are underwritten by the Holm Guarantee which provides an extended level of cover. Holm will not only supply a replacement part but will cover all associated costs of restoring the vehicle back to the condition it was in prior to the filter change

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