Rebrand marks new era for Murphy Geospatial

Rebrand marks new era for Murphy Geospatial

Murphy Surveys will now be known as Murphy Geospatial, reflecting the rapidly changing land surveying industry and the evolution of the company’s services to meet these developing needs.

The company – which employs around 300 people across offices in six countries – works with its clients to capture, collate, verify and govern geospatial data, allowing them to reduce risk and make strategic decisions with confidence.

Raymond Murphy, chief executive of Murphy Geospatial, said: “We are incredibly proud of this significant milestone in our company history – our new brand reflects our proud heritage and a bright future. Today marks the beginning of a new chapter on our journey, where geospatial certainty is the trusted single source of truth for all projects.”

Growing on the concept of geospatial certainty, the firm has recently enhanced its offering to the market with its GeoCERT™ platform – an integration of its people, processes and technology that is providing greater efficiencies for its clients.

The platform will ultimately be developed to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and other new developments as the construction industry moves towards even greater technological involvement.   

Raymond added: “We consider ourselves the gatekeepers for single source of truth geospatial data – both onsite and in our offices – so our offering has to adapt as technology develops to ensure we are delivering for our clients.

“The geospatial industry is changing rapidly, with higher definition surveying and data analytics positioned as two of the key trends when discussing future of construction. Demand for these services is growing, with many of our clients already taking advantage of the increased certainty that they bring.

“As the construction industry continues its pivot towards greater reliance on technologies such as BIM, AI and bespoke workflows, we will continue to evolve to position ourselves as innovation leaders in the industry, and it is from that desire that Murphy Geospatial has been born.

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