The compact Kramer portfolio – the right machine for every application

The compact Kramer portfolio – the right machine for every application

In gardening and landscaping, Kramer wheel loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and telehandlers play to all their strengths. The undivided vehicle frame, stability and manoeuvrability of the machines bring a whole host of benefits, making them a versatile companion in application.

In often difficult application areas, Kramer wheel loaders, telescopic wheel loaders and telehandlers bring the strengths of their all-wheel steering and undivided vehicle frame to the fore, as the manoeuvrability of these machines is second to none. With a steering angle of up to 2×40 degrees, they can turn on a sixpence. Their stability is also solid as a rock, thanks to the undivided frame. Even when taking bends and over uneven ground, the vehicle remains stable and can transport the same load as if it were driving in a straight line. Kramer machines are also extremely compact, thus making them very easy to transport and well able to negotiate the narrowest of thoroughfares.

The compact genius of telehandlers – now with exhaust emission stage V
With their particularly streamlined dimensions, the Kramer 1245 opens up a wide range of applications across many industries. The efficient machine supplements the compact Kramer portfolio right down to the smallest machine. Its dynamic 4-wheel drive, high payload, unbeatable manoeuvrability and low operating weight are what make it so impressive. This model also has a comfortably designed cabin with optimised vision, low vibration and ergonomically arranged operator’s controls. The three operator modes available (auto mode and eco mode in series production, as well as attachment mode as an option, including electric throttle) are a big plus when it comes to flexibility and efficiency. The compact genius also scores points with its varied range of options. The power flow work hydraulics ensure quick work cycles, the air conditioning system provides the necessary comfort and the three steering modes enable greater operating agility. With a load-over height in excess of 4 metres, this machine also makes light work of loading trucks, as well as transporting sett paving (paving stone), with which anyone involved in garden and landscape construction will be familiar.

The compact model 2706 complies with the latest EU exhaust emission stage V. The 2706, with a payload of 2.7 tonnes, is fitted with a Kohler 55 kW engine. Exhaust gas is treated by a Diesel Oxidation Catalyst (DOC) and a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF). The compact telehandler offers an impressive and unique combination of lift height, machine width and performance, as well as a perfect interplay of powerful engine output and outstanding manoeuvrability. Stacking and transport work is quick and easy in even the tightest of spaces. The low overall height overcomes any problems in working in underground car parks, for example. Likewise, the sensitive work hydraulics with load-independent flow distribution enable precise working, quick loading cycles and the possibility of completing various movements in parallel at any time.

The 5035 and 5040 wheel loaders are impressive with their compact dimensions and manoeuvrability
From this year, two newly developed compact wheel loader models with different power ratings have been available from Kramer-Werke GmbH. Firstly, the well-known 5035, which has an 18.5 kilowatt / 25.2 HP Yanmar engine, a bucket tipping load of 1,140 kilograms and an operating weight of 1,920 kilograms. Secondly, the new 5040 model. This all wheel steer loader is equipped with a 28.5 kilowatt / 38.8 HP Yanmar engine. The machine has a slightly higher operating weight at 2,070 kilograms, as well as a bucket tipping load of 1,400 kilograms. Both models feature a brand new cab design, as well as some modern comfort features and power options. With their dimensions, they are ideal for low clearance heights and tight passages, making them indispensable companions for the construction industry. With a width of just 1.26 metres, travelling on footpaths is effortless. In addition to this, due to their low transport weight, the machines can be transported on a car trailer; a quick run over to a different area of application is therefore not a problem. The three types of steering also provide a plus in terms of flexibility. The all-wheel steering in the series continues to support maximum manoeuvrability and fast loading cycles in the tightest of spaces. This is complemented by the optional steering types: front wheel and crab steering, which are available for the first time for this size class. Crab steering is perfectly suited to all works along trenches, walls and hedges. This type of steering not only enables the optimal achievement of obstacles, but keeps the consistent working distance parallel, thereby ensuring a lower potential for damage. The simple and quick switch between all-wheel, front wheel and crab steering occurs via a mechanical steering type changeover.

Transport made easier – 5050 with trailer
The wheel loader 5050 is set to impress with its flexible “Smart Ballast” weights and, thanks to another co-ordinated innovation on the machine in the form of a separate trailer, is sure to be the star of the show in the gardening and landscaping industry. With this new addition to the portfolio – enhanced with the custom-made trailer from Humbaur, which enables perfect loading with rapid action couplings – there is nothing to stand in the way of this wheel loader 5050, which provides easy transport and thus complete flexibility for the gardening and landscaping industry. The existing adaptation option for weight or tipping load to a maximum of 1,700 kilograms means that the machine can, for example, respond spontaneously to fragile or delicate ground conditions. But even without the additional weight, transporting sett paving (paving stone) is no problem for the 5050. The bucket pivotal point of 2,840 millimetres also presents the option of simple loading of 3-axle trucks. With an overall width of 1,590 millimetres, manoeuvrability, high payload, high stack tipping load and transportability, this machine is ideal for applications in the gardening and landscaping industry.

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