Wacker Neuson | Efficient and comfortable asphalt compaction

Wacker Neuson | Efficient and comfortable asphalt compaction

The new series of single direction vibratory plates by Wacker Neuson, BPS with gasoline engine and APS with battery drive, is distinguished by their comfortable and easy handling and is ideally suited for processing asphalt surfaces as well as soil compaction. 

Wacker Neuson offers its customers freedom of choice with the new single direction, front mounted exciter models and has three models each with gasoline engine and electric motor with a centrifugal force of ten to 13 kilonewtons and a base width of 30 to 40 centimeters in its portfolio. The electric plates have the same output as the respective conventional models. “As the expert in matters of soil compaction, with long years of expertise, we always offer our customers new solutions for their construction sites – also in the area of electric machines,” explains Stefan Pfetsch, managing director of Wacker Neuson Produktion GmbH in Reichertshofen, the center of expertise in compaction machines within the Wacker Neuson Group. “It’s important to us to be able to deliver the right solution for every customer requirement. And we achieve this with a wide selection of conventional and battery-powered products, for which the demand is continually growing. Emission-free working is gaining in importance, as limit values with regard to exhaust emissions are becoming stricter and awareness for climate protection is getting stronger.”

Impressive – in handling and in results
The new vibratory plates are suited for all typical compaction work and particularly for asphalt compaction: moving and turning these vibratory plates, especially on fresh asphalt, is child’s play and leaves behind a smooth surface without imprints. Even clean finishes at curbs are easy to produce due to the square side profile of the base plate. Operators also benefit from the low hand-arm vibrations (HAV) of less than 5 m/s², which make fatigue-free work possible. An additional advantage: the large crane yoke is built for stability and thus can also be used for steering sideways, for example along curb edges. The guide handle, which can be swiveled forward, makes transporting and space-saving storage very easy.  

Flexible and efficient in application
The models have a compaction force of ten, eleven and 13 kilonewtons and are available with or without water tank. The water tank is fixed to the machine and the folding cover with slot allows filling water without opening the cover. The sprinkler system offers reliable water coverage over the entire width of the base plate without wasting water. This means refilling is necessary less often. The sturdy design, with lifetime-lubricated ball bearings as well as high-quality and thus durable V-belt, minimizes maintenance costs for the conventional vibratory plates BPS1030, BPS1135 and BPS1340. The battery-powered vibratory plates APS1030e, APS1135e and APS1340e are fully maintenance-free thanks to the battery drive system. A wheel set that can be easily mounted and a paving pad that protects sensitive paved surfaces when vibrating are available as accessories. 

Electric drive system for diverse application areas
“We are continually expanding our zero emission portfolio and supplementing the existing zero emission series, now with three further vibratory plates in the 50 to 70 kilogram weight class, to again broaden the area of application of our electric construction equipment,” adds Stefan Pfetsch. The battery-powered vibratory plates are operated with the same powerful lithium ion rechargeable battery that is usable as a module for all other battery-powered equipment by Wacker Neuson. The battery has proven itself since 2015 many times over and is now used for three battery-powered rammers, six battery-powered vibratory plates and an internal vibrator system in total. As of fall 2021, the construction equipment battery will also be usable independent of manufacturer. This way, customers benefit from simplified construction site logistics and cost savings. The vibratory plates can be started easily at the push of a button – even at low temperatures or at high altitudes. The battery-powered vibratory plates work without direct exhaust emissions, which makes them ideal for applications in trenches and shoring as well as in emissions-sensitive environments. Also, battery-powered vibratory plates contribute to the protection of operators and the construction site environment. For the battery, two Wacker Neuson Systainers are available: a transport box as well as a charging box with integrated quick battery charger. Inside the Systainers, the battery and battery charger are securely protected from soiling and damage. The transport box was UN-certified specially for Wacker Neuson and fits the battery exactly. This way, it can be transported securely in accordance with the ADR/RID guidelines.

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