As-built data capture is maximising earthmoving efficiencies

As-built data capture is maximising earthmoving efficiencies

As-built data capture is proving a winner for DGS as it seeks to maximise earthmoving efficiencies. CPN investigates.

in a move to optimise its profitability and establish a robust foundation for future digital advancements, Dynamic Ground Solutions (DGS) has begun using digital technology and services from Smart Construction to accurately track work progress at its job sites across the country.

Smart Construction is a digital transformation strategy developed by Komatsu, Sony Semiconductors, NTT Communication, under the name of EARTHBRAIN Ltd. Smart Construction offers a suite of software, hardware solutions, and services to enhance efficiency and profitability by optimising job site processes.

Operating on a national scale, DGS claims to be at the forefront of technological integration, having been early adopters of Komatsu’s Intelligent Machine Control (iMC) technology ten years ago. Currently, DGS is incorporating the latest feature of the iMC technology – autonomous as-built data capture. This  functionality enables machines, irrespective of their model or age, to autonomously collect location and elevation data from dozer tracks and bucket edges.

The information is then automatically processed and displayed on the Smart Construction dashboard. This allows customers to effortlessly monitor their volume-based work progress straight from their offices, providing daily updates on cut-and-fill operations for maximum efficiency.

It was this interconnectivity between the iMC technology and the Smart Construction dashboard that influenced DGS’s decision to utilise this solution as a key part of its jobsite monitoring solutions.

The soil engineering specialist’s objective is to utilise technology throughout every step in the earthmoving process to gain earth movement information, allowing for effortless daily cut-and-fill checkup and quick reactions and recovery, pre-empting any financial overruns.

Alex Pilchowski, senior site engineer at DGS  shared his experience with Smart Construction: “The dashboard has enabled us to take accurate measurements of work areas. The as-built data collected has proven to be invaluable, resulting in significant time and cost savings, along with an increase in safety on site.”

Richard Clement, deputy general manager at Smart Construction added: “It’s a pleasure to work with DGS again. The company was one of the first Smart Construction users in the UK  and we have previously worked together on different projects and job sites. Dashboard has enabled DGS to secure daily precise cut-and-fill measurements and accurately understand how much material is being moved.

“At Smart Construction, we utilise digital solutions to assist clients in the earthmoving and quarry industries to optimise their processes, and in turn enhance productivity, accelerate project completion and ensure cost savings.”

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