AW Jenkinson and SMT GB have developed cutting-edge information

AW Jenkinson and SMT GB have developed cutting-edge information

Collaboration works

Working hand-in-hand with the MySMT development team, timber expert AW Jenkinson and SMT GB have developed a cutting-edge information and service portal for the business.

To ensure that all of the information stored on MySMT is made easily accessible, the platform is divided into the three distinct areas of: Company, Fleet and Parts.

Company provides the customer with visibility of all financial transactions with SMT GB, all active CSA and warranty contracts, oil sampling reports, ProCare recommendations and service inspection reports.

Fleet provides customers with access to current fleet details, including location, operating hours, information of fuel consumption, productivity data, CO2 emissions and visibility of repair and maintenance data on all machines within a customer’s fleet.

Parts provides access to the newly launched SMT online parts store, allowing customers to look up and order parts 24/7 on the basis of technical drawings.

Louise Butterworth, AW Jenkinson wood purchasing department administrator commented: “It was really straightforward. The team from SMT showed me how the system works, and all the information I needed was there, ready to go as soon as I’d created my user account.

“Because all of the information is there on one screen, you’re no longer having to search through lots of different websites and pages for the information you need. It’s all now right there in the system.”

Explaining the relationship between AW Jenkinson and SMT GB, customer support representative Jamie Stevenson adds: “We are thrilled to work as closely as we do with AW Jenkinson. We not only have the privilege of providing them with the industry-leading equipment they need to maximise their operational efficiency but are also pleased to have had the opportunity to boost their productivity through the development of MySMT.”

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