JCB renews its backhoe loader market

JCB renews its backhoe loader market

It has been a busy quarter for JCB. On top of its mini excavator launches (CPN March-April) and heavy-duty earthmover introduction (see p.21); the company has also sought to reinvigorate the backhoe loader market and added more compacts to its ranges.

Currently celebrating its 70th year in production, the classic JCB backhoe loader has been reimagined to improve both operator convenience and productivity; and hopefully restore the backhoe loader to the dominant machine of yore.

For example, Dual Drive, available on the 3CX Pro and 4CX Pro models with servo controls, allows operators to reposition the machine without rotating the seat – saving a huge amount of time and effort when having to adjust when working.

A camera on top of the cab shows the front of the machine when the operator is facing backwards. This is useful when ditch cleaning, grading, breaking or patch planning, as the operator can simply drive the machine along the job site while looking at the work area. According to the company, this feature also enables the loader to excavate and load up to 190-tonnes per hour.

The introduction of a single lever 6-in-1 loader control lever as standard on all manual control machines reduces operator effort by allowing control of the loader and transmission with one hand and steering with the other.

JCB says that, with a large capacity shovel, autoshift transmission and return-to-dig function, it is possible to load a truck in as little as 5 minutes.

To streamline grading tasks, JCB has incorporated a Return to Grade function on servo control machines. Activated through a switch, this feature automatically adjusts the shovel angle for precise grading.

For improved accuracy and efficiency, a laser level mount has been added to the front loader torsion box, allowing for simple 2D installation of laser receivers. A 2D laser can increase grading accuracy to within 10mm and take up to 25% less time compared to standard manual grade control.

Three tonne e-dumper
Designed to work indoors and in emissions and noise-sensitive areas, the 3TE electric three tonne swivel tip dumper is a durable machine with a full steel skip and heavy-duty articulated chassis. The machine offers a maximum payload of 3,000kg and a maximum load over height of 1,566mm

It is equipped with two electric motors. A 22.3kW electric motor connects to a drop box to provide full-time all-wheel drive, while a second 16.1kW electric motor powers the machine’s standard hydraulic circuit, for steering and skip lift, via a hydraulic pump. The power is supplied by a 20kWh lithium-ion battery pack, capable of providing full shift operation in normal use.

Shake, rattle and roll
The new CT380-130 and CT430-140 tandem vibratory rollers are 3.8 and 4.3 tonne machines powered by the EU Stage V JCB by Kohler diesel engine, providing 36.5kW (49.6hp). The CT380-130 has an operating weight of 4.1-tonnes, generating an operating linear load of 15.8kg/cm. With a centrifugal force of 41-59kN, the machine has a vibrating frequency of 50-60Hz and an amplitude of 0.50mm. The drums can be offset to either side by up to 80mm and the roller is capable of 30% gradeability with vibration operating, or 40% when not compacting.

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