Jet Plant’s £3 Million investment further boosts sustainability credentials

Jet Plant’s £3 Million investment further boosts sustainability credentials

Jet Plant, a leading player in the highways and construction industry, has announced a new £3million investment in state-of-the-art machinery, including lorries and planing machines, to further boost the company’s already impressive sustainability credentials.

Reducing emissions is at the heart of forward-planning for the UK firm and the aim is to continue to set the standard for sustainability within the road planing industry, thanks to investment and innovation.

The strategic move to invest in new greener and more sustainable equipment demonstrates the company’s commitment to reducing emissions and continuing to be adaptable in a dynamic market.

The company is keen to spearhead the sustainability drive and to influence the wider planing industry. Jet Plant has a diverse customer base, notably, 75% of business coming from small, privately owned surfacing contractors.

Managing Director of Jet Plant, Sean Witheford, emphasised the importance of this investment in driving sustainable change saying: “Key to a more sustainable operation will be better utilisation of our equipment. We required further investment, to meet the demands of our customers, but also to continue to operate in more sustainable way and reduce emissions”.

The company also aims to strengthen key relationships in the “Pavement Delivery Framework Spend” category of the Highways Budget, enabling it to access more significant road planing projects. This will allow further growth and provide opportunity for more sustainable investment.

With a commitment to environmental responsibility, the company ensures compliance and traceability in handling approximately one million tonnes of material each year. The investment will enable Jet Plant to enhance its capability in this area, ensuring the responsible disposal and recycling of planings.

Jet Plant’s dedication to excellence is reflected in its impressive customer satisfaction scores. In a recent Net Promoter Score survey of their top 100 customers, Jet Plant received a Net Promoter Score of 81%, placing it in the ‘World Class’ category. This loyalty strongly supports the company’s growth trajectory.

With this significant investment, Jet Plant is poised to make 2024/2025 a year of innovation, solidifying its position as a sustainable leader in the highways and construction sector.

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