The first spider lift hire company to get the Hinowa 40.18 Lightlift Performance IIIS

The first spider lift hire company to get the Hinowa 40.18 Lightlift Performance IIIS

The first spider lift hire company to get the Hinowa 40.18 Lightlift Performance IIIS says it is remarkably easy to use.

Paramount Platforms is one of the UK’s largest spider lift rental specialists and the first in the country to get hold of the Hinowa 40.18 Lightlift Performance IIIS – the largest in the Hinowa range, with a maximum working height of 40.2m.

First impressions are enthusiastic, with director Lee Kerr calling it a ‘gamechanger’ and predicting that its ease of use will open up a whole new market.

“This Hinowa is the best spider lift in its performance range,” he says. “It’s a gamechanger in terms of the ability of our clients to work independently at heights approaching 40m and where significant outreach is needed.”

The Hinowa Lightlift 40.18 has a maximum outreach of 17.5m. It has a larger basket than other Hinowa spider lifts, with a maximum capacity of 300kg and an unrestricted capacity of 230kg.

The company has already sent the spider platform straight out on long-term hire to support planned maintenance work on a prestigious financial HQ building in central London.

Kerr believes that the lift is so simple to operate that it opens up the possibility of hiring large platforms to a whole new segment of customers, by influencing judgements about rental risks.

“We almost always supply our other large spider lifts with an operator. The Hinowa 40.18 is so easy to use, if the client has experience using other Hinowa platforms, I have no qualms about the 40.18 going out on self-drive hire,” he explains.

“It’s just as simple to operate as a Hinowa 17.75, so with a standard familiarisation training, it can be operated by a cleaning technician or a surveyor carrying out a building inspection.

Paramount Platforms has taken a bi-energy Hinowa 40.18, with a low-emissions diesel engine and lithium batteries for all-electric zero-emissions and low carbon operation, so it is suitable for ultra low emissions zones and where noise-level restrictions apply.

The model can also be supplied with diesel engine only or solely with lithium battery electric power.

Its basket is 2,000mm long and 700mm wide, allowing three operatives to work at height at its full capacity of 300kg. In this set-up, maximum working height is still 40.2m, with outreach limited to 16.5m.

The platform can also be set up in a narrow stabilisation area for working in particularly confined spaces. In this set up, the stabilisation area is 6,675mm by 3,640mm compared with a standard stabilisation area of 5,375mm by 5,040mm. This gives the platform a maximum working height of 35m and an outreach of just under 11m, with a maximum basket capacity of 230kg.

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