20 Avant Compact Loaders Make Their Way to Diggerland!

20 Avant Compact Loaders Make Their Way to Diggerland!

Avant Tecno has received an order for 20 of its model 520 models from Kent based adventure park company Diggerland.

Once modified for safety reasons, four of the machines will be delivered to each Diggerland location around the UK, including a new site in Evesham due to open in July this year.

Diggerland, a division of H.E. Services, was the brainchild of company chairman Hugh Edeleanu and first opened its doors to adults and children at the company’s Strood headquarters in 2000.

The concept proved so successful that Diggerland now employs a permanent staff of 25 with a pool of 100 trained marshals to oversee all the sites during the open season.

The Avant machine was first discovered by the manager of Diggerland’s Devon base who purchased one for his own use but when Mr. Edeleanu saw how easy it was to operate, the decision was taken to trial one in the business.

Diggerland has now created a new attraction using the Avant machines called ‘StackAttack’ which requires the operator to stack as many tyres as possible in five minutes using an hydraulic grab attachment.

Commenting on the trial of an Avant machine over three weekends, Mr. Edeleanu said: “The machine proved very popular with our visitors, particularly as there is a competitive element to the attraction which results in great interaction with spectators.”


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