ASH Group

ASH Group

Fuel savings and improved safety persuaded ASH Group to buy two Develon DL420CVT-7 wheel loaders for its aggregates wash plant in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire.

“We are very impressed with the fuel economy and high performance of the new Develon wheel loaders and our drivers really like to work with them,” said John Dennan.

Compared to the machines they have replaced, the new wheel loaders are using 4 l/h less fuel (11 l/h instead of 15 l/h) mainly due to the Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) on the DL420CVT-7.  This system allows the DL420CVT-7 to automatically transition from hydrostatic power at low speed to the mechanical system to operate at higher speeds.

The complete driving range, forwards and in reverse, is controlled by the CVT system. Low engine speeds ensure a high efficiency and the highest driving comfort irrespective of the traction speed. The power splitting continuously variable technology not only facilitates moving off softly and hydraulically but makes fuel savings of up to 25% possible.

The DL420CVT-7 is also the first in the UK to be equipped with Develon’s Transparent Bucket safety system. This innovative feature allows the wheel loader driver to see through blind spots in front of the bucket using a monitor in the cab.

Dennan commented: “Owing to blind spots caused by the buckets on wheel loaders, the area in front of the machines has been considered an area of major concern in terms of safety. With the Develon Transparent Bucket function, however, our drivers can easily check the blind spots in front of the bucket via the cab monitor, to increase safety and prevent accidents.”

The innovative Transparent Bucket system records images in front of the wheel loader with top and bottom front-loaded cameras and shows combined images on the cab monitor in real time using a curved projection method.

Another advantage of the Transparent Bucket system is that it can significantly improve work efficiency by providing a forward-view perspective for the driver during loading/unloading or when carrying materials such as aggregates, sand and soil.

The wheel loaders were supplied by Blue Machinery (Central) Ltd (Blue Central), based in Northwich in Cheshire, the authorised Develon Dealer for North-West England and North Wales.

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