New Demag AC 100-4L for PP Engineering

New Demag AC 100-4L for PP Engineering

PP Engineering Crane Hire recently took delivery of a new Demag AC 100-4L all terrain crane. The crane model replaces an older unit in the Mexborough, UK company’s equipment fleet and has already been commissioned to perform several challenging lifts. PP Engineering Crane Hire’s first project for the crane was a night project where it replaced gantry signs on a busy motorway.

PP Engineering Crane Hire’s owner, Philip Patching, said it’s the company’s third Demag AC 100-4L crane, and it suits his business well because of the machine’s versatility and impressive lift performance. “We have a great relationship with the team at Terex Cranes too, and know this new unit will deliver the same outstanding return-on-investment that our first two units have,” he added.

The versatile 100 tonne (120 USt) capacity class Demag AC 100-4L all terrain crane is designed to work in tight spaces and is equipped with the innovative Demag IC-1 Plus control system to enhance the unit’s lifting performance. With an overall width of 2.55 meters (8.4 ft) the Demag AC 100-4L model is the most compact crane of its class, which means it can be used in dense urban environments. It has a 59.4 meter (194.9 ft) long main boom and a maximum system length of 81.7 m (268 ft).

“It has been a pleasure working with Phillip and his team, and we look forward to continuing to serve their organization,” said Andrew Snow, regional sales manager for Terex Cranes.

In addition to receiving a new Demag AC 100-4L crane, PP Engineering Crane Hire is scheduled to take delivery of a new Demag AC 45 City all terrain crane.

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