DMD Haulage & Groundworks

DMD Haulage & Groundworks

DMD Haulage & Groundworks, a specialist in small-scale utilities and groundworks based in County Derry, has committed to Kubota and its local dealer DA Forgie, with a full fleet upgrade that exclusively features Kubota machines.

This long-standing partnership has been bolstered by the addition of a new U56-5 excavator, enhancing DMD’s existing lineup of Kubota equipment including the KX030-4 and an RTV X1110.

“Adding Kubota’s U56-5 to the fleet has been a game-changer. We don’t have to rely on multiple machines for curbing, for example. The excavator can do the whole job, which cuts out the cost of extra equipment and maintenance,” said Deirig McDaid, owner of DMD.

The Kubota U56-5, a 5-tonne excavator compliant with Stage V emissions standards, features a V2607-CR-E5 direct-injection, fully Stage V-compliant engine that offers high power, lower emissions, outstanding reliability, and economic performance. The excavator’s built-in load-sensing system ensures optimal productivity and fuel efficiency by automatically adjusting the hydraulics based on load size.

The U56-5 is designed for excellent versatility, with features like a dozer blade float function for ground finishing and a tight tail swing that is ideal for confined spaces. Its performance capabilities include a reach of up to 6.1m, a maximum dig depth of 3.63m, and a digging force of up to 42.3kN, equipping it to handle a wide range of tasks efficiently.

Comfort is also a priority in the U56-5 design, with a large, quiet cab featuring a deluxe seat, air conditioning, and easy-to-use controls. Safety features are comprehensive, including bright LED working lights for better visibility, a highly visible orange seat belt with an alarm, and other built-in operational safety features.

McDaid said his decision to go with Kubota was not  just the reputation of the manufacturer but also the quality of support from its dealer. “Both companies have excellent reputations for delivering top-quality equipment and service. It is a great help to have such a great relationship with a dealer, D A Forgie, who does everything, including servicing my machines,” he said.

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