Eric Carnaby & Son added a HD Hyundai Construction Equipment crawler excavator to its fleet

Eric Carnaby & Son added a HD Hyundai Construction Equipment crawler excavator to its fleet

A special request from a highly valued operator led to Eric Carnaby & Son adding an HD Hyundai Construction Equipment HX160A L crawler excavator to its fleet.

Steven Smith has been with the North Lincolnshire civil engineering, plant hire and environmental services contractor for 23 years. So, when he joked that he would like his old Hyundai replaced with a HX-A or he would look for another job, managing director Roland Carnaby, took note.

“As a machine owner and as an operator, I know that the drivers are really happy with these Hyundai A-Series machines,” he said. “If the driver is happy, then I’m happy.”

For Steven, the choice was a no-brainer thanks to the reliability of the previous machine and the user-friendly features of its successor. “We never had any problems with my old machine and so when it was due for changing, I said I’ll have the same again,” said Steven. “I like the Hyundai because the touchscreen is quite simple to work with. It’s also got the 360° camera system in it, which is very clear and you can have it on separate views or set to show all the way round. It has a red zone, so you know how near you are to things, it’s just a brilliant system.”

Steve also likes the machine’s hydraulic controls, which allow him to carry out several operations simultaneously. When cutting back vegetation or cleaning ditches, for instance, this allows the use of the dig end while travelling.

“It’ll track and cut, where some machines starve themselves from one system to the other,” said Mr Smith. “The Hyundai keeps both systems going well. It’s also very easy to maintain. All of the oils and levels for daily checks first thing in the morning are easy to get to and the filters are all in one place.”

With an operating weight of 17.5-18 tonnes, HD Hyundai’s HX160A L is powered by a Cummins B4.5 diesel engine, delivering a net power of 113kW (152hp). Equipped with a 5.1m monoboom, the machine can be supplied with a choice of 2.2, 2.6 and 3.1m dipper arms. Maximum digging depth is 6,530mm with the longest arm, with a forward reach of up to 9,450mm.

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