Fencing firm is now electric

Fencing firm is now electric

Tate Fencing, operating from branches in East Sussex and Kent, has incorporated a new JCB 35-22E electric Teletruk into its Flimwell, East Sussex warehouse and workshop operations.

“We’ve been really impressed by the electric Teletruk,” Transport Manager Mark Ashdown said. “The ease of the fork operation is smoother than previous models. Its loading capabilities are reliable, and the low emissions it produces are helping us reduce our carbon footprint. It’s a benefit to work with this quiet and versatile machine.”

The electric Teletruk is responsible for handling incoming timber loads and feeds them to the workshops and on-site processing plant, accumulating 20-25 hours of usage weekly. Its forward reach capability is key in the warehouse, especially where space restrictions could challenge conventional machines.

The JCB 35-22E electric Teletruk, part of the JCB E-TECH range, is designed for indoor and outdoor operations, aligning with the varied needs at Tate Fencing. This forward reach electric forklift can sustain a full 8-hour shift on a single charge, ensuring zero emissions at point of use without any compromise on performance.

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