Atlas Copco Impress M&A

Atlas Copco Impress M&A

M&A Crushing and Screening choose Atlas Copco hydraulic breakers for Scout Moore Quarry project

 M&A Crushing and Screening, based in Bury, have purchased four Atlas Copco heavy and medium hydraulic breakers for one of their biggest projects in Scout Moor Quarry, Ramsbottom in Lancashire.

Reliability and performance were the main reasons for selecting Atlas Copco’s HB 2500, 3100, 4100 and MB 1700 breakers. Having trialled other manufacturers’ breakers in this secondary breaking application the Atlas Copco products proved to be more productive, with less down time and maintenance required.

Director of M&A Crushing and Screening, Mark Aspin, said: “The constant blank firing which occurs in secondary breaking proved too much for other manufacturers’ breakers, causing their retainer bars to break. Atlas Copco’s anti blank firing system proved to be the only one that actually works. The hammers are protected, extending the life of both the working tool and bush. We have not had a single damaged retainer to date.”

Features such as Auto Control assist with secondary breaking applications by automatically adjusting the breaker’s speed and power to match the rock’s hardness so improving production rates per hour.

Mark said “My operators are also safer, no longer needing to leave their cabs every two hours to manually grease the breakers on the quarry floor, as Atlas Copco’s ContiLube system automatically lubricates them and only uses one cartridge a day.

“The good relationship we have with Sales Manager Keith Hutton, plus the excellent service provided by local service partner John Fox Plant really helped with our decision to buy Atlas Copco.”

The MB 1700 suits a carrier weight class of 19 – 32t and the HB’s fit carriers from 32 – 70t. The three year warranty and optional buy back scheme that M&A Crushing and Screening received will boost the breakers’ residual values in years to come.

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