Over 34 years of Kubota for Charles Wilson

Over 34 years of Kubota for Charles Wilson

Building on a relationship that spans over 34 years, leading plant hire firm Charles Wilson has invested in 89 new Kubota mini excavators to supply an increasing demand and help customers meet a wider variety of challenges.

Founded in 1979, Charles Wilson now operates out of 17 depots, spread throughout the south of England, with others in Birmingham and Liverpool. Due to tight schedules and the increasing variety of challenges that the construction sector presents, the business requires reliability and efficiency in both its machines and aftersales support.

Kubota has been a long-time supplier helping to meet these needs, and Charles Wilson’s faith in the brand has led to this new investment consisting of Kubota’s KX61-4s, KX027-4s, K008-3s, KX016-4s and KX019-4s, significantly expanding the plant hire firm’s Kubota machinery fleet.

 Asset Manager, Gary Gay, commented: “To us, Kubota means quick turnarounds and no downtime. This means that projects can be planned with one less variable to worry about, making everyone’s role simpler. As long as we can offer this assurance to our customer base, we’re always going to be able to succeed in the competitive sector.

“We’ve never had any warranty issues with Kubota, plus the compromise between productivity and fuels costs is constantly improving. This level of productivity, paired with the durability of Kubota excavators equals sustainability and that’s exactly what our relationship is built upon.

“With at least five engineers at each of our 17 depots, all we get is positive feedback. The machines are as serviceable as they are reliable, making it easy for our engineers as well as the operators.”

The variety of Kubota models ordered allows for Charles Wilson to supply excavators for a varied number of projects. In the three tonne category, the KX61-3 and KX027-4 each boast power and performance, with the KX027-4 in particular competing with excavators in higher weight classes. Contrastingly, Kubota’s super compact 0.8 tonne micro excavator, the K008-3, is designed to tackle tough challenges where accessibility and space is at a premium. Finally, the KX019-4 and KX016-4 are perfect for all jobs in between, the former in particular raising industry standards for 1.5 to 2 tonne excavators.

For more information on Kubota and its expansive range of solutions for the construction sector or to find your nearest dealer, visit www.kubota.co.uk


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