Tracked carriers Anatree

Tracked carriers Anatree

Anatree Group Logistics recently invested in a 2200 Pro from Tracked Carriers to help handle loads in tight spaces and on rough terrain. It also purchased a new crane attachment which effectively transforms the 2200 into a pick-and-carry crane.

Made in the UK, Tracked Carriers are compact load-bearing machines designed for a wide range of applications. The 2200 Pro has a 2,200kg carrying capacity but is only 950mm wide. It is battery powered with fully proportionate remote controls.

Officially launched at the LiftEx 2023 trade show, the crane attachment can lift up to 990kg with 1.1m outreach, rising to up to 4.5m with the load reduced to 200kg. It offers two crane modes – standard and narrow – for added flexibility. The load bed can still carry 1,500kg, making it a very versatile product. The crane is attached to the machine via eight bolts, meaning it can be quickly decoupled as required.

Peter Hough, director of Anatree, said: “Using the 2200 with the crane can deliver a lot of benefits for us. It fits in the back of a van, so transport is easier, lower cost, and more sustainable. We can also recharge its batteries from the solar panels at our depots, meaning it is very cost-effective to run and extremely environmentally friendly.

“On top of that, its compact size means that it can eliminate a lot of the logistical headaches that come when you’re lifting with a HIAB truck or a mobile crane.”

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