Volvo Products Off to Tillicoultry Quarries

Volvo Products Off to Tillicoultry Quarries

Long standing user of Volvo Construction Equipment products, Tillicoultry Quarries has purchased six new Volvo L120H loading shovel and another A30G articulated hauler for its quarrying operations spread across Scotland’s Central Belt.

Five of the new 20 tonne L120H loading shovels have been equipped with standard 3.5m³ rehandling buckets, boom suspension, Groenveld automatic greasing systems, Ogden VMS radars and L5 Michelin XMine D2 wheel and tyre assemblies.

These machines will be deployed at each of Tillicoultry Quarries’ facilities located at Tulliallan, Tams Loup, Clydebridge, Newton Grange and Northfield. Their main duties will be stocking out, loading road-going stone wagons and general rehandling around the plants.

The sixth machine has been similarly specified apart from the L3 tyres as this will be put to work at the company’s Ryeflatt sand and gravel pit.

These new additions to the fleet are due to the continuing expansion and acquisitions in the central belt locality by Tillicoultry Quarries according to Managing Director Wallace Menzies.

“We have along association with Volvo having operated their loading shovels and haulers for the past 30 years,” he says.

“The Volvo product represents excellent value for money in terms of economical fuel consumption, high residual values, a proven track record for reliability and sustainability and their qualities and pedigree mirror our own high standards in offering a competitive and professional service,” he continues.

Powered by a Tier IV final Volvo 8 litre engine developing 276 nett hp with a maximum torque of 1317Nm at just 1450rpm, the L120H also benefits from Volvo designed and manufactured driveline components designed to offer considerable fuel savings each shift.

Fuel savings are further enhanced by the Volvo Eco pedal encouraging the operator to run the machine at its optimum rpm in the engine’s torque curve.

With a carrying capacity of 28 tonnes and heaped capacity of 17.5m³ the Volvo A30G also meets the requirements of Stage IV final emissions legislation being powered by an electronically controlled, six cylinder 264kW turbo charged Volvo V-ACT diesel engine.

This features high torque at low engine speeds, resulting in good fuel efficiency and high performance. Purpose built by Volvo, the engine is designed to exactly match the Volvo drive train, ensuring the best use of power and torque, even in tough working conditions.

The new 30 tonne articulated hauler has been supplied complete with full cantilever tailgate and side extensions to maximise the load carrying capacity of the truck.

Both the loading shovels and hauler are fitted with CareTrack as standard, which is Volvo’s telematics system that enables remote monitoring of a wide range of machine functions (e.g. location, fuel consumption, service reminders etc.) thus optimizing customer operations.

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