50 Years of Liebherr Truck Mixers

50 Years of Liebherr Truck Mixers

For 50 years Liebherr has been producing truck mixers for the transportation of concrete.

In that time c92,000 units have been delivered by five production sites. The product is undergoing continuous development to deliver further customer advantages and the fifth generation of truck mixer is now in production.

In 1967 the first truck mixer, an HTM 601, was delivered by Liebherr on a Henschel HS22 chassis. And from the very start, Liebherr’s truck mixers have undergone a continuous process of development with customer needs consistently incorporated into the design.

First Liebherr truck mixer from 1967: an HTM 601 on a Henschel chassis

This has led to an increase in drum volume, which meant that the truck chassis had to be stronger. Then, in addition to the two- and three-axle chassis, came the first semi-trailer. Thanks to new regulations in the 1990s it became possible to add a rigid four-axle chassis, which resulted in greater payload advantages. The four-axle 9 m³ version has subsequently become Liebherr’s most commonly sold truck mixer.

Just in time for the 50th anniversary, Liebherr was able to buy back a 40-year old truck mixer on a Magirus chassis and fully restore it. And at the same time Liebherr has brought the fifth generation of truck mixers to the market.

Restored HTM 702 from 1977 on a Magirus chassis

The new truck mixer series has been fully redesigned. Its most important features are a higher payload through weight reduction, higher quality steel and smooth surfaces for easy cleaning. An innovative platform concept allows the flexible mounting of options and accessories in a range of positions. This enables Liebherr to meet customer needs with ease and even retrofits are straightforward.

Liebherr produces truck mixers for Europe at Bad Schussenried, Germany and has production sites in China, Thailand, Brazil and Saudi Arabia for other markets. Together the sites have produced around 92,000 truck mixers to date.

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