Braking New Ground: Buckingham Plant Hire revs up safety with innovative testing tech

Braking New Ground: Buckingham Plant Hire revs up safety with innovative testing tech

Buckingham Plant Hire is the latest plant operator to bolster its safety measures and equipment maintenance by investing in the Bowmonk brake test equipment. In an industry where safety is paramount, the move represents a proactive approach to ensuring that all plant machinery is operating at peak safety standards.

Dominic Gibbons, HSEQ advisor at Buckingham Plant Hire, says the equipment’s reputation among other plant operators persuaded the company to re-think its testing systems.

“We decided to invest in the Bowmonk brake testing system as an affordable, recognizable brand within our industry,” he said. Their choice to transition from a different brand to Bowmonk in 2023 reflects a strategic investment in a product known for its reliability and effectiveness in the field.

The firm is in good company. Among the many long-term users of this kit are Aggregate Industries and The Banks Group.

The feedback from the field has been overwhelmingly positive. The engineers performing brake tests have been particularly impressed with the simplicity of the system.

“They like its simple to use features and the ability to get printable results instantly,” Gibbons explained. This immediate access to results is a key factor in reducing machinery downtime, as it streamlines the testing process.

Training is a crucial component of integrating new technology, and Buckingham Plant Hire’s staff received direct instruction from Bowmonk representatives. “Training was delivered by Bowmonk staff which made this more personal, giving us confidence in the product being trained on,” Gibbons noted, underlining the clear and informative nature of the sessions.

The Bowmonk BrakeCheck-4-Quarries is designed with non-road mobile machinery in mind, including equipment often found in quarries and plants. Its portability and ease of use make it ideal for a variety of settings, from coal sites to recycling plants. The device not only measures braking efficiency but also the percentage of braking imbalance, providing a comprehensive overview of a vehicle’s braking capabilities.

Gibbons highlighted the importance of the HSE-recognised Bowmonk BrakeCheck-4-Quarries in their operations, “It’s a fully self-contained, user-friendly, portable brake tester, used as part of a maintenance service schedule or pre-hire safety inspection.” The ability to print results on-site or download them for internal review supports a culture of transparency and ongoing safety vigilance.

Moreover, the instrument’s design accommodates for real-world conditions, indicating when it is level enough to perform an accurate brake test. Gibbons added, “As an optional feature, the unit can indicate whether the vehicle pulls to the left or right during braking,” further illustrating the unit’s detailed testing capabilities.

Understanding the importance of proper training, Buckingham Plant Hire advises customers to participate in a comprehensive session. “This is delivered at the customer’s place of business to minimise downtime and takes little time to deliver,” Gibbons stated. The training culminates with a ‘Certificate of Competence’, ensuring that operators are fully equipped to conduct tests confidently and correctly.

Gibbons’ overall verdict? “Overall we are very pleased with the product usability and product aftercare support we received from Bowmonk,” he said.

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