CSCS Online Test Simulator Can Help You Pass

CSCS Online Test Simulator Can Help You Pass

Online Test Simulator Helps Operatives Pass CITB Essential Health Safety and Environment Test, Gaining CSCS Cards.

CSCS Wizard is helping skilled operatives within the construction industry gain their CSCS cards faster with its new CSCS mock test simulator. With a huge database of questions, candidates can quickly create a customised mock exam using questions that apply to their exact occupation and the test they will be sitting.

With all areas of the ‘operatives’ test covered, including bricklaying, stone masonry, metal working and more, CSCS Wizard gives operatives an online revision tool to help skilled, responsible construction workers gain the qualification they need to showcase their professional credentials within the working world.

CSCS cards were introduced to maintain consistent standards of quality and training within the construction industry and as such, they are only awarded to applicants after passing the regulated CITB Health, Safety and Environment test.

Passing this test ensures that workers are trained and performing to a productive, safe standard, leading to better employment potential. There are many different ‘CSCS’ tests, targeting specific job roles and areas of industry, meaning revising for the exam can be confusing and difficult, even for highly-skilled candidates.

Zsolt Cseszak, founder of CSCS Wizard explained, “CSCS cards hold a great purpose in the construction industry, helping to maintain great levels of safety on each site.

“However, while holding such a card can be beneficial for the career of trade workers, there are many qualified candidates whose opportunities are limited due to failing to pass the exam, even when operating within the set standards.

“Passing an exam is about practice and until now, there have been no tools that offer candidates the diverse range of questions they need to help them prepare.”

This new, extensive CSCS mock test simulator hosts hundreds of questions, each one devised to develop and encourage the same responses that are required to pass the real CITB exam.

Whichever exam an operative must sit, or whatever job role they perform, CSCS Wizard helps every candidate create the perfect mock test to lead them to success.

In addition to offering the most wide-ranging mock CSCS exam on the internet, CSCS Wizard helps candidates further, providing revision materials and informative content to compliment the training process.

With this combination of realistic test questions and practice materials, CSCS Wizard is the leading online portal for CSCS training.

Try the operatives CSCS mock test online today at

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