Engine rebuild demand almost triples as customers seek cost-effective sustainable solutions

Engine rebuild demand almost triples as customers seek cost-effective sustainable solutions

Power generation experts at Finning, the world’s largest dealer of Cat power solutions, have seen a 176 per cent rise in demand for engine overhauls between 2019 and 2022 as customers push to reach net zero targets whilst looking to minimise capital expenditure. 

Peter Hutyan, Product Manager for Energy & Transportation at Finning, said overhauls were increasingly attractive to customers across all sectors from marine, electric power and industrial as overhauling an engine can offer a faster turnaround, while also allowing customers to hold on to an asset they trust. Another key driver is that the cost for an overhaul is typically 60-70% lower compared with a new replacement engine.

He said: “All of this resonates well with our customers which is why we’re seeing such growth in this area. By overhauling their existing engine, it can serve them for several engine lifetimes, the process can be complete within a few days to a few months, and it can go another 20,000 hours before the next major intervention, depending on the engine model – so there’s nothing not to like.

“Finning is in its 90th year of selling and servicing Cat equipment and engines and can offer customers access to expertly trained technicians and Cat certified components. And because Cat is remanufacturing at scale the greenhouse gas (GHG) savings are high.

“We also have the capability to dyno test most engines, which is not the case for all service providers, which is why we can stand by the quality of our overhauls. Our overhaul warranties go further offering customers up to three years/ 6,000 hours on selected models, whichever occurs first, giving them complete reassurance and peace of mind. We can even help customers manage the cost of their overhaul with a tailormade low-rate finance offer from Cat Financial.

As engines come in all sizes depending on the sector and application they serve, Finning has created a programme of overhaul options based on maintenance intervals that includes a complete Cat Certified engine rebuild to a top end overhaul. Lower cost options are also available and cover the reconditioning of parts that experience high levels of wear. 

Engine overhaul options currently include:

  • Electric Power – Major Overhaul/Service Exchange, In-Frame Overhaul & Top End
  • Industrial – Major Overhaul/Service Exchange, Top & Tail & Value
  • Marine – Major Overhaul, Top End and Turbocharger bearing housing re-bearing/re-seal.
  • Oil & Gas – Major Overhaul & Top End

A large proportion of the parts removed from the original engine during the overhaul are also recovered, restored, and reused as a standard part of the overhaul process creating a circular economy of sorts, while achieving a like-new asset at the fraction of the cost of a brand-new product.

To find out more about the Finning rebuild service, or to register your interest in having an engine rebuilt, visit: https://www.finning.com/en_GB/services/rebuilds.html

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